Ahhhhh … bliss …

I’m just publishing this now, but I wrote it a week ago this past Sunday. I delayed it because a day later tragedy struck Toronto; and at the time it just didn’t feel right to talk about trivialities 24 hours after 10 innocent people were killed and 14 others injured when a disturbed man, who allegedly was angry because he was spurned by women, purposely drove his rented van right into them.

The Sunday this was written I was sitting on a patio — at long last — at my local Starbucks, savouring both the beautiful weather and a tall Pike Place (medium roast coffee). This past Sunday — a mere week later — I awoke to snow. Yes, snow, at the end of April. You’ll be happy to know, today it’s expected to hit 23 celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit), so all is right with the world again — at least in terms of the weather.

Writing a post celebrating being able to sit on a patio may not seem particularly “newsworthy” to you, but trust me, after the endless winter we’ve had, it is indeed a big deal. Especially when you consider that winter returned — albeit temporarily — just a few days later.

The euphoria that compelled me to write this post brings to mind the conversations I’ve had with every woman who’s ever had a child. I haven’t, but they all say that the minute you see your little bundle of joy you forget all the pain you’ve just gone through. That’s sort of how I felt the day I wrote this.

Recollections of the pretty much constant well-below-zero temperatures, high winds, snow storms, freezing rain and ice pellets we’ve endured for months and months and months and months and months disappeared in a flash, as I felt the warmth of the sun on my face. Finally.

In fact, the sun was so bright I actually had to shut down my computer and finish writing my blog post at home. Even with sunglasses the glare of the sun on my computer screen made it virtually impossible to see anything. Not that I’m complaining.

It was beautiful all weekend, although Sunday was warmer — temperatures went up to 14 celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit).

People were everywhere. The sidewalks were so crowded it was sometimes hard to walk. Moms pushing strollers, the elderly pushing walkers, families, friends, kids licking ice cream cones, dogs chasing each other in parks, everyone out, enjoying the day. It was like all Toronto citizenry came out of hibernation at the exact same time. Smiles were in abundance and laughter was in the air. The mood was definitely light-hearted.

Tree branches are still bare, there are still no signs of tulips, daffodils or crocuses and the grass hasn’t yet turned green, but Mother Nature works quickly, so I’m sure it won’t be long before the physical signs of spring are apparent. Which, unfortunately, means my allergies should be kicking in any time now (sigh).

Oh well, nothing’s perfect. Itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and a runny nose are a relatively small price to pay for more daylight hours, going without socks and exchanging heavy winter coats for lightweight jackets or cardigans.


Which makes me think of a recent edition of Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper. In it she talks about how we all need more joy in our lives — ergo “yippee moments.”

So now you know what I was celebrating. What about you? What’s bringing you joy today?

33 thoughts on “Ahhhhh … bliss …

  1. We had a beautiful weekend weather-wise for our workshop too…then more well-chilled rain. Today, though, the sun is shining… and that’s enough fo rme 🙂

  2. I feel the joy I am feeling is because my sons have shown me not through words but in their care which is both physical and mental! When I first became ill, they were taking over my life. I felt overwhelmed with this “ care”…I became anxious…then boom, I realized this is what I have battled my whole life….others telling me, …..what I needed,should do,must do, this is the proper way . I knew I had walked the path of a different drummer all my life..hard..sometimes lonely..but with satisfaction within….SO I sat my boys down and told them this is exactly what I want,how I feel,my choices ( right or wrong) are deserved by me. Oh! How pleased I am to now see how their attitude has now changed. Of course I am under no allusion..they want it easy for me..but it is now “mom, whatever you want…your choice” “we want it easy for you”, A gorgeous non humid day…the look of all the spring blooming Florida trees…the unbelievable blue of Miami sky…these are all joyous moments.. I find I am eliminating a lot of things I was interested in…I do not have strength to study or learn anymore..ok..I can no longer run and do…yes, I am totally neurotic about minute placement of objects..but do not jump up to do it but wait for help..my perspective of all the arts is still numero uno…but slowly savoring What I have learned…joy to no longer stress about my NOT President…but will do a write in ballot to quietly add my voice…still moralizing about fate of animals, children etc..quietly let someone else take over the shouting..so,my dear, to let joy In is also to let go! Xoxo, Barb

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  3. Glorious sunshine first thing, putting the washing on the line (now dry, but skies becoming overcast). Trip down to garden centre, back with loads of ideas. Just need to measure up!
    Simple pleasures…….. washing line and garden, neither of which we had on the boat.

  4. Lovely! I could feel your bliss, Fransi. We’ve had a very long winter, too, and these rare glimpses of spring are most welcome. We’ll have two or three days of sunshine—where everyone in Seattle wears shorts and t-shirts, followed by pelting rain and near-freezing temps—so they dig out the parkas and heavy scarves again. On the cusp days, half the people are dressed for summer and half for winter. Perhaps it’s a measure of their glass-half-full-or-empty viewpoint. Or perhaps just spring-induced confusion.

    • It’s the same here Donna. And I always seem to get caught wearing the wrong clothes. I’m either dying of heat in a winter coat and boots or freezing to death because I’m not wearing socks. Can’t win 😀

  5. Getting to that time of year here also Fransi – blue skies, bright warm sunshine time to resurrect the sun umbrellas to shade under we are never satisfied…

  6. Well, thank you for spreading the joy! My sister in Boston sent a text the morning the sun hit her face also! Spring joy spreads in an instant! Makes me a little sad that I stay away from the sun so much down here, and that I don’t visit Starbucks often enough. You’re always inspiring something good in me Fransi Weinstein.Thank you!

    • Thank you Daisy. I also avoid too much exposure, the rays are just too strong and dangerous. But it feels so good even for the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee. Changes one’s outlook on life completely.

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