A desperate plea …

I watch the news in horror everyday. I still can’t believe that such a vile, unscrupulous, self-serving, demented, dangerous man could have been elected in the United States, of all places. 

In part, it’s due to an electoral system that made it possible, despite his losing the popular vote. One also cannot overlook the shockingly enormous number of Americans who share his sick, twisted and ugly beliefs,such as they are. Guess I’m naive but I never imagined there were that many of them.

But to me, the true culprits, the ones who should really be damned and rot in hell, are all those who didn’t vote — almost 50% of eligible voters! That’s right — those who were eligible and just didn’t go — in large part because they didn’t like Hillary Clinton, and stayed home.

Tell me, how do you feel about who you helped elect? Happy now?

Why am I bitching about old news so long after the fact? Because here, in Ontario, we have an election coming up — for Premier — on June 7 to be exact. And our choice of candidates isn’t stellar, either. 

The current leader in the polls is a Trump wanna-be, right down to the blonde hair, the family money, the bragging, the bullying, the conning (he hired actors to show up and cheer for him at a recent debate), the policies and the win-whatever-it-takes attitude.

The current Premier, who is running for re-election, is despised by an ever-growing number of people, who just want her gone. Yeah, shades of Hillary Clinton and you know how that ended.

And the third candidate is our answer to Bernie Sanders. She recently admitted that they’d made an error in their platform funding and the deficit would be $1.4 billion larger than planned.

Like I said, we got the short straw, for this election.

But not voting is NOT the answer, it will only make things worse because it will almost certainly guarantee that the worst of the worst wins — exactly what happened south of the border.

How much more proof do you need? 

There is no excuse for not voting. So goddammit, if you live in Ontario, show up at the polls. Hold your nose, moan and complain all you want. Go kicking and screaming, but vote. Vote strategically.

If you’re still not convinced, turn on CNN. Is that what you want for our province? I rest my case.


14 thoughts on “A desperate plea …

  1. That’s what happens when Civics is dropped from the education system – all those
    decrees and yet total ignorance on the rights and duties of citizenship plus a total
    lack of critical thinking, sigh…

  2. Our attitude is if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. By not voting, you possibly made a difference in getting the wrong person elected. I didn’t vote for the lot in power over here in the UK. We haven’t got much choice with alternatives, but at least no-one can actually blame me for Her getting in (and then she had to have help to build a government).

  3. Oh, Fransi! I hope the good people of Ontario are wiser–and more committed to voting–than Americans were. I truly wonder if our country will survive the corrupt fool in the White House and the crooks he has surrounded himself with. I hope we will learn from this and become better and smarter, but the damage he is doing, and the lies he is spreading, will cause harm for generations–sadly, not just here, but worldwide. Informed voting is so important.

    • I hope so, but my faith in the good people of Ontario is wavering. You’d think we’d learn from happened and is still happening in the US. My fingers are crossed. And sadly I agree — the damage Trump and his band of thieves are causing will last for a very long time 😪

  4. As in Stubs Gazette why not out the non voter, we have a similar problem here with those who can’t be bothered. It should be instilled in school as well as home and pointed out the blood that was spilled in order you could vote.

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