Why’s everything so difficult?

A week or so ago a friend called to share his tale of woe. He and his wife each have a car. They only have one garage and the drive is shared. Obviously one of the cars stay in the garage. The other has to be parked on the street, overnight.

That’s the problem.

There’s very limited street parking allowed — only certain hours. He’s tried to have that changed. Nope. He’d have to petition at least 20 of his neighbours — all of whom have to agree to it.

Yeah, right.

Even if he did try, you know he’d be wasting his time. There’s always at least one fly in the ointment — at least one guy who says “no” just on principle. One guy who likes being … well … difficult, a pain in the butt.

Back to the issue at hand.

To make matters worse, the parking enforcement is very strict. So most mornings he goes outside and finds a ticket on his windshield. He finally had enough and, the other day, he called the police.

He was told he was being targeted because one of his neighbours keeps calling to complain. He asked who. They wouldn’t tell him.

Yes, he is parking in a no-parking-after-certain-hours-spot. No one is denying that, including him. But it is overnight! When everyone’s sleeping. Plus, he’s not blocking anything — no one else’s driveway, no fire hydrants, nothing. And he’s always up and out of the house at the crack of dawn.

There’s nowhere else for him to park. So what’s he supposed to do? Lift his car up and bring it into his house????

The neighbour’s not being very neighbourly. What’s it to him (or her) if there’s a car on the street overnight? Who’s it bothering or inconveniencing?

Why not be decent and say something — face to face — see if you can work something out — like grown ups do — like good neighbours do — instead of sneaking around behind my friend’s back, and calling the cops anonymously?

Or better yet, let it go. What’s it to you anyway? There are a lot worse things going on in the world to get your knickers in a twist over. Not cool. Not cool at all. And just plain mean-spirited.

As for the city, wtf??!!!?!

There’s an easy solution here, guys. Allow a limited amount of paid permit parking overnight as long as it isn’t an impediment to either fire or snow removal trucks and equipment — without someone having to hire a master negotiator to cajole the neighbours. Life is hard enough, without this nonsense.

“Merde” photo by Marc Falardeau, on Flickr, through Creative Commons

6 thoughts on “Why’s everything so difficult?

  1. It’s nuts isn’t it. In some areas of Poole (my home town), older properties have no drives and have to park in the street. Here’s the rub though, they have to pay the council for a permit to do so, and cannot park outside their own house during the day! This may have changed now of course with most homeowners having one or two cars if not more, and I reckon an awful lot of front gardens had a change of usage!

  2. Clearly a control freak with insomnia! Since he (she) can’t do anything about the sleep problem, well, there’s that spot outside within his (her) eye supervision that must be controlled. Been watching too many Jessica Fletcher reruns!:0)

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