Happy thoughts …

There’s a scene in Eat, Pray, Love when Elizabeth Gilbert is in Bali and her lover tells her she should choose her thoughts every morning the same way she chooses her clothes.

A friend of mine had the movie on in the background, while she attacked the floor in her hallway with her new Black and Decker power scrubber.

It’s not the first time she’s seen the movie (who hasn’t watched it countless times?), but the words really resonated with her this time around. Her timing, in mentioning it to me, couldn’t have been better. Yeah, last week wasn’t the best I’ve ever had.

What’s interesting is, when I woke up that same morning — before I had even heard from her — I had an idea: To focus only on the things that make me smile, make me feel good or bring me peace and joy.

Not simply because of the week just passed, but because while life is often good, it’s also not without its challenges and frustrations. Everyone seems to be struggling with something and the world is a mess; and I think we all need to be reminded to let the bad stuff go, so it doesn’t take on a life of its own and block us from ever seeing the light.

I decided to make a list, a happiness list. They’re in no particular order, I’m just typing them as they pop into my mind. All that matters is, they bring me pleasure. What makes you happy?

  • writing
  • cooking
  • the sound of the ocean
  • the scent of ripe peaches
  • sitting in the dark
  • candlelight
  • silence
  • daydreaming
  • cat and dog cuddles
  • my friends
  • swimming in a lake at night when it’s raining
  • staring at the ocean
  • the smell of bread baking in the oven
  • the smell of freshly-cut grass
  • sniffing basil
  • jasmine
  • getting lost in a really great book
  • Maya Angelou
  • walking without a destination
  • tulips
  • daffodils
  • wisteria
  • bougainvillea
  • eating greek yoghurt with Manuka honey and walnuts
  • doing calf stretches
  • patchouli
  • laughing
  • taking long steaming hot showers
  • my memories

See, it’s easy once you get started. I could go on and on. Maybe I will, just to see how long a list of happy thoughts I’ve got. Over to you …


“Bubbles” photo by Jo Naylor, on Flickr through Creative Commons





24 thoughts on “Happy thoughts …

    • Thanks! I do too. And I love the idea of “choosing your thoughts.” I think it can really make a positive difference.

  1. Yes such a great idea in this screwed up world it’s so easy to get swept up in the negative political upheaval. Tuning off The TV and play beautiful music , eat ice cream and create a beautiful bouquet of flowers, watch the squirrels leap around on the trees in my back yard , appreciate the beauty in small things, make small gestures of kindness , it warms the heart. Sharing time with friends over dinner and vino can’t be beat , can’t wait to see you Fransi we have a lot to catch up on !

    • You’ve conjured up so many beautiful images Nicholas. I can’t wait to see you either!! We do have SO much catching up to do. ❤️

  2. All of the above plus: glorious Canadian sunsets streaming through my willow, rainbows, the first rose, the scent of peonies, the first sip of my morning tea, the
    writings of Anne Lamott, music from Bach to Queen…

  3. A lovely list . . . and a great reminder that sometimes focusing on what makes us happy could be the best thing we can do not only for ourselves, but for the world. A breath of fresh air, sorely needed.

    • Thanks Donna. I have to say I smiled the whole time I was writing this blog. It really isn’t difficult to find things to be happy about and it is so important.

  4. Ok, that list, of the things that make me Happy.
    * Chatting to my pen-friends around the world on WP.
    * My Music
    * Writing Poems
    * Walking
    * Gardening
    * Traveling
    * Family
    * Being with My friends
    * Thursday night, pub night
    * Finding great music CD’s in the op-shop..
    * my computer
    * Orchids (they were my dads)
    * My fernery
    * My Verandah/barbecue area
    * Reading
    * Watching my Football Team, the Bell Park Dragons
    * Being with a lady friend (hmmm when I find one)
    * Watching my niece singing in her Opera’s
    That’ll do for now, time to go to the Pub, it’s Thursday !! xx

  5. Well I love your list. Waiting still for the fresh figs to get here so I can have a bowl like the one in your post. However I needed the motivation to come up with a re do of my list. They do need revamping every so often. Thank you for the motivation Fransi.

    • Thanks Daisy. Oh I agree, there are always new items to add to the list. Since compiling mine, I’ve got some to add. Raspberries, by the way, are as good with the yoghurt, honey and walnuts as the figs 😊 how are you doing Daisy? I can only imagine how much you miss Barbara. I have to say, I still wait for her comments 😪

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