Creature of habit

I really have no idea what made me think of this particular topic, but once I did, I really got into it and decided to take a closer look at myself. Turns out I have some pretty strange habits:

  • Brush my teeth before washing my face.
  • Shower before brushing my teeth.
  • Eat the same breakfast every day — fresh fruit, plain greek yoghurt, honey, chopped walnuts and a bit of granola.
  • Make the bed before having breakfast.
  • Have breakfast before getting dressed.
  • Dress in the same order — first bottom, then shoes, then watch, then top.
  • Replace vitamins, shampoo, detergent, condiments etc. when I’m halfway through them.
  • Take vitamins in the same order.
  • Empty the bottom half of the dishwasher before the top.
  • Read the Sunday New York Times in the same order — Style section, News, Arts, Sunday Business, Sunday Review, Travel, the Magazine and the Book Review last.

There’s no doubt in my mind there’s more. But I’m not sure I want to know.

Should I be admitting to any of this? Is it time for an intervention? Should I be seeking medical help? Do you feel like coming over to my apartment, throwing everything on the floor and mixing it all up so I’m forced to do it all in a different order (not that I’d blame you if you did, I’m tempted to do it myself)?

Okay, your turn now.

24 thoughts on “Creature of habit

    • I was never conscious of them until I had the idea for this blog post. That’s the thing with habits — we don’t always know we have them. Now that you’ve asked the question, yeah, I will do at least some things differently. I don’t think whether I brush my teeth before or after I shower is a big deal and if I didn’t like what I eat for breakfast I doubt I’d eat it every day, but I will try getting dressed and reading the paper in a different order. And I doubt the world will come to an end if I run out of hot sauce before I replace it.

  1. I’m a creature of habit too. Loo first, then wash, then teeth. Brush hair. Dress from the middle out………. pants, bra, socks, trousers, top, watch and glasses. Breakfast varies in both content (though always fruit in it somewhere) and before or after dog walk, depends on temperature and time.
    Best habit is always going to loo before we go out, even if I’ve recently been. It’s a kid thing and one that stuck.

  2. I like to think that we have set ways of doing necessary but routine activities so that we are freed to think about other things while we’re doing them. If I know that I always brush my teeth/wash my face/apply eyedrops/dress, etc. in the same order, I can focus my attention on the day ahead, or on the article I plan to work on, or a project I want to commence. I suppose paying little attention to such routine chores is the opposite of mindfulness—which is said to be our ideal state of mind. But sometimes it feels like I’ve got only so much bandwidth, so why not automate certain tasks to free up space?

    • That’s a great way of looking at it. It honestly never dawned on me that I was doing these things habitually — other than having the same breakfast all the time. Definitely aware of that and it is by choice.

  3. I believe that these rituals we all engage in on a daily basis might just be our need for
    order, also to frame our days and most of all to keep a chaotic world at bay. If they
    provide some comfort, why not! So don’t throw everything on the floor to then re-
    arrange – you’ll just begin another ritual. LOL!

    • Despite the picture I’ve created of myself with this post, I do live pretty much on the spur of the moment. But you’re right — it is definitely time to do something “big” spontaneously.

      • Lol, I know and it is always on my mind, more than you might think. Certain realities have stopped me so far, but more and more I am thinking “to hell with reality.” I have looked into all the visa requirements etc. for long term/permanent stays. Not the easiest, but not altogether impossible.

      • I know you’re right, it’s the way my life has always worked. What I have to do is see past what I see as obstacles (the reality I referred to). I’ve always been a “where there’s a will there’s a way” kind of person. Just need to apply that here. The “will” is definitely there, it has been there for a long time — so now I need work on “the way.” It should be a no-brainer for me — In a way that’s what advertising is all about — finding creative ways to overcome obstacles — I’ve done it for clients for years. Now it’s my turn.

  4. There is enough confusion in the outside world Fransi without opening a door and letting it in, if it’s not broken don’t fix it – what will happen, you’ll forget something or think you forgot it and take a double dose in other you’re grand the way you are don’t change…

    • Thanks Chris!! There sure is enough confusion in the outside world so maybe you have a point. Leave well enough alone. 😊

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