Let them eat cake and plenty of it …

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. I wish the photo was that recent, but both she and her twin sister, with whom she is celebrating, have both passed.

In fact, it goes back quite a while, because my mom moved to Toronto in 2000, after my aunt died. And when this was taken, she still lived in Montreal.

Clearly, they were surprised and happy. They loved birthday parties, everyone’s parties, and particularly their own. And most of all, they loved birthday cake. So I fully expect they had plenty of cake yesterday. And, if my mother had anything to do with it, there was also a lot of chocolate. To say she had a sweet tooth is an understatement.

I think of my mother on a daily basis, but I really thought of her as I wrote an article on internalized ageism recently, for a new Canadian Magazine, YouAreUnltd. My mother had the best attitude toward aging. She didn’t obsess about getting older. She simply focused on living in the moment, enjoying every second and never losing her zest for life. I love this photo because it perfectly captures her youthful spirit, her enthusiasm and how little it took to make her happy. She was probably the most upbeat, positive person I’ve ever known.

So much as I wish she and my aunt (who I always called “my other mother”) were still around and we could have spent the day together, I can’t be sad. And as always, they’re in my thoughts and my heart. I can hear them squealing with joy, which they definitely did when this photo was taken; and I know there was much laughter and excitement yesterday. And probably a 20-layer triple chocolate fudge cake, with enough candles on it to light up the sky.

You also have to know they’re probably already looking forward to next year’s birthday bash!





8 thoughts on “Let them eat cake and plenty of it …

  1. It is wonderful to be able to look back and cherish being raised in a loving home with caring parents we as family were also that lucky. Pity those who are not that fortunate Fransi.

  2. I feel I know your mother through you Fransi. Through your expresive and expansive writing her spirit and essence come through to bring joy to all of us who follow your work. Thank you for sharing so very precious memories. What a happy picture that is!

    • Thanks so much Daisy. I wish you could have known my mother. She was an amazing woman. Yes, I love this photo — it is happy and captures her spirit perfectly. She was enthusiastic about life, regardless of any curves it might have thrown at her. A great role model!

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