Something I haven’t done in a while …

I went through a period when I was writing about US politics all the time, both here and on Huff Post. I finally ran out of steam, though, and tried to find more positive topics. Tempted as I was sometimes to revert back, in the end, I resisted. Too much negativity and toxicity and I think we were all feeling pretty much the same way. I have the feeling that most, if not all of you, were relieved I stopped.

Like so many, I watched Senator John McCain’s memorial service on TV last Saturday. If I was an American, I wouldn’t have ever voted for him, you’d find me on the other side of the aisle. But I have always respected his heroism and his willingness to put the good of the country before his party and his own ambitions.

The eulogies were amazing, mostly because of the message they delivered; and most extraordinary of all, because it was John McCain himself who orchestrated the entire thing.

As I watched and listened, I knew I had feelings to share, that I’d be writing about US politics, this week. But yesterday morning I read Dave Leonhardt’s OpEd in the New York Times and decided he said it much better, much more eloquently than I would — so I’m sharing his thoughts instead. He’s echoed my feelings, and I suspect maybe yours as well. Let me know. Here it is:

11 thoughts on “Something I haven’t done in a while …

    • Omg, that just made me want to throw something at my TV. Don’t know if it’s true but I saw a tweet, supposedly from a WH correspondent (you never know these days) saying it was Lindsey Graham who invited them. Grrrr …

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