A pox on telemarketers …


I am besieged with telemarketing calls. I get calls at 8 a.m. I get calls at 10 and 11 o’clock at night. I get calls on weekends and holidays. On any given day I can get upwards of five or six of them. I get these calls on both my landline and iPhone. I am on a “do not call” list (for both my landline and iPhone) and have been since they’ve been in existence.

The problem (frustration) is, “do not call” lists exclude anyone you’ve ever done business with (even if you no longer do) and research companies. Off-shore scammers find a way of getting through. And then there are the endless parade of window cleaners and duct cleaners and carpet cleaners and real estate agents who are all trolling for business and completely ignore “do not call” lists.


All bad enough. All annoying enough. But for the last week or so I’ve had Numeris, a Canadian audience measurement company (a division of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters) driving me insane. They call me at least five times a day, as early as 7:30 in the morning, as late as 9:30 at night, weekdays and weekends.

To add insult to injury, when I answer the phone, I get a click. The call doesn’t disconnect, but there’s no one on the other end. “Click” and nothing. Obviously, some kind of pre-recorded message is supposed to come on, but there’s something wrong at their end, and it doesn’t. When they don’t connect with me, they call me back a few minutes later. And on it goes. If you’re wondering why I bother to answer, it’s so I can tell the person on the other end to STOP CALLING ME!!!!!! Except I can’t.


And I don’t even have the satisfaction (and release) of slamming the phone in someone’s ear. There’s no receiver to slam with cordless phones.


Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Get rid of your landline. I agree with you. I never use it. The only reason I have it is because it’s part of a “bundle” I have with my wireless/cable/internet provider. But at this point, I don’t care if it costs me a bit more each month if I can avoid the unwanted, unsolicited calls. But I can’t do without my iPhone.

Or can I? Maybe I’d be better off and less stressed if I was totally incommunicado. If I couldn’t check emails or my social media all the time. If I had no idea what stupid, thoughtless, insulting, dangerous thing Herr Drumpf did or said every minute of every day. If I didn’t know that another madman with a gun started shooting innocent people for no reason. Or that another natural disaster (that was caused at least in part by climate change) was robbing people of their homes, possessions and their lives.

Go on. Tell me you’re not tempted.

8 thoughts on “A pox on telemarketers …

  1. I share your frustration, Fransi! So many of the calls now are not even a live human, but an interactive voice program. I find it hard to believe that anyone would engage with these intrusions (human or computer) to the degree that would make it worthwhile. We got a call last Saturday at 5:15 am. Of course, at that hour, your only thought is “Who died?” When my husband asked the (live) caller if he knew what time it was, the fellow hung up. We always ask to be removed from their call list. Some honor the request, some do not. I wonder about the people who do this sort of work–this must be the only job they can get, but it must also be soul-crushing.

    • Wow, 5:15 am!! That’s a new low. Of course you’d think someone died. And the same thing has happened to me — hang-ups when I ask if they know what time it is. A lot of these calls originate from overseas and even reporting the phone numbers doesn’t help because they constantly change the numbers. I don’t know how they can be stopped to be honest. I think the only solution is to get rid of our landlines. At least on my iPhone I can block the phone numbers so there’s some temporary relief.

  2. Apparently that land line is some kind of umbilical cord to some of us who’ve been struggling to cut or not to cut for far too long now.Maybe this is the year we finally do it Fransi. Everyone who’s done it is alive and well my friend………..

  3. Tempted YES Fransi thoughts of being left in the dark not knowing of worldly disasters and the operations of world leaders and email goings on – must put up with the irritation…

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