Curiosities …

There’s nothing pressing on my mind I want to share at the moment. So here are some things I’ve been wondering about:

I just got off the phone with Rogers (my cable/internet/wireless provider). I was questioning something on my bill and when we were done the rep I was speaking with asked if I had a minute so he could go over my account and make sure I was getting the best deal possible. He soon came back on the line and said he could save me about $40 a month (for 24 months) — with no changes being made to the services I have and no need to sign a contract. Why wouldn’t they just give me the best price to begin with?


The other day while out shopping I noticed three cafes (a Starbucks and two independents) right across the street from each other. There’s an Aroma and a Starbucks across the street from each other near a grocery store I go to. The last time I went to a documentary I noticed two cafes (both Second Cup) across the street from each other and three more (a Starbucks, an Aroma and an independent) also across the street from each other and within a couple of blocks of the two Second Cups. Do we really drink that much coffee? Is it any wonder we’re all jumpy?


The risk of older people getting the flu is so high (and the consequences are so dire) that this year, for the first time, there’s a special high-dose shot for seniors. Except it’s in short supply and doctors are having a very hard time getting their hands on it. The flu season is here. How effective is a shot you can’t get?


Ever since I’ve been blogging on WordPress (since 2009), it’s been possible to automatically publicize blogs on Facebook. That recently changed. Facebook no longer supports connections to Facebook profiles but does allow connections to Facebook pages. What’s the point, especially when you can still do it manually?


I keep getting notifications from Facebook advising me when the last time was that I posted something on my Facebook business page. Wouldn’t you think that they’d know that I already know that?


I’ve been having a problem getting emails from our apartment building property managers. They’ve done nothing about it, so I looked into it; and it turns out there are issues with their server. I reported it to them. Our property manager’s response? “I have forwarded your email to the appropriate personnel. Please let me know if you continue to miss emails.” How will I know?


Is it me, or is common sense not common with everyone?

18 thoughts on “Curiosities …

  1. Isn’t it a lot more fun writing when there is nothing pressing on the mind Fransi? We always find we have much more to say and can get problems somehow solved in our own heads at least. Chris.

  2. I think with Rogers they change their plans so frequently it’s a good idea to contact them once in a while, I call to compare rates with Bell. I moved to Rogers Homeline,
    TV and internet about a year ago, saved me $150 a month

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