I can’t help but wonder …

This has been a year when we’ve had front row seats as America has said goodbye and thank you to Barbara Bush, John McCain and now, former President George H.W. Bush.

We’ve seen and heard the tearful tributes and fond memories shared by numerous friends, family, colleagues, global leaders and even journalists who covered them over the years. We’ve watched footage of the significant moments of their lives — both personal and professional — replayed over and over and over again for days on end, reminding us of their accomplishments and the respect they earned in the world.

And, as I sat in front of my TV this past weekend, I was struck by this thought: What will they say when the current President passes, when his time on this earth comes to an end? Who will they pay homage to?

The cowardly young man who claimed he couldn’t serve his country because he had bone spurs?

The crooked businessman who made a career of screwing countless associates, the tax man and the general public?

The unethical billionaire who used his charitable foundation as his personal piggy bank?

The polarizing candidate who promoted hatred and violence at his rallies?

The unscrupulous Republican presidential nominee who attacked democracy by inviting the Russians to hack his Democratic opponent’s emails?

The pathological liar?

The narcissist?

The braggart?

The bully?

The proud and boastful pussy grabber?

The dangerous leader of the free world who constantly referred to the press as the “enemy of the people?”

The immoral President who called white supremacists “fine people,” idolized dictators, pardoned pedophiles and criminals and sought out and valued the advice of fellow vultures who also made their fortunes by preying on the vulnerable and the misfortune of others?

The unpatriotic American who defiantly turned his back on what truly made his nation great and refused to censure and sanction Vladamir Putin for interfering in a U.S. election and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmon for his involvement in the murder of the American journalist, Jamal Khashoggi — putting his own interests ahead of those of the U.S. and the American people?

Seriously, how do you cover the passing and “honour” the life of a failed human being and a despicable, dishonest, dishonourable, demonic despot of a President?

19 thoughts on “I can’t help but wonder …

    • I know Chris, but in this case it will be very challenging to find something positive to say and someone to say it. It’s really quite remarkable (and not in a good way unfortunately).

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing, Fransi. I imagine there will be a small group of people (yes, aptly named “deplorables”) who still revere him for voicing their own intolerance, hate, and fear. Others, I hope, will talk about the conditions that led to the elevation of a criminal to our highest office, and the ignorance, hubris, and corruption that finally brought him down. I hope we will be looking at this presidency as an anomaly that we learned from and never allowed to happen again.

    • I sure hope so, Donna. And I hope the number of deplorables starts to shrink. Maybe some of them will have the same reaction to the passing of President Bush as we’ve had.

  2. Perfectly put Fransi.
    Since he is not legitimately the President, my hope is that he’s thrown out of the White House along with his entire pack of crooks, and he lives out his life – and death – in ignominy

  3. Perfectly put Francine.
    We know (and I desperately hope it can be proved) he’s not a legitimate President. If so, I he’ll be thrown out of the White House, along with his bottom-feeding band of crooks and he’ll live out his life, and death, in ignominy – and jail.
    (I don’t think our prison system is known for its formal state funerals – just a hunch.)

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