Ho, ho, hum …

It’s a week until Christmas and I’m just not feeling it.

I stopped buying gifts for grown-ups years ago and there are no little ones in my orbit, so it’s been a while since I personally got caught up in the shopping/wrapping frenzy. But I’ve always gotten into the spirit of the season watching everyone else run themselves ragged.

But it doesn’t seem to be happening this year. The stores I’ve been to haven’t been crowded. Not even last Saturday. Not even the LCBO, Indigo or the gift-wrapping station at the Manulife Centre. I walk just about everywhere and I haven’t seen very many people schlepping bags of presents.

What’s going on?

Are people so spooked by the stock market they’re not spending? Are they giving to charities instead (which to me reflects the true spirit of Christmas)?

Have they finally realized that they spend more time returning gifts that don’t fit or aren’t liked or don’t work than the time and angst spent shopping, schlepping, wrapping and hiding them is worth? Are they tired of having to shovel up pounds of discarded ribbons, bows, glitter, boxes, bags, tags, cards and gift wrap?

Is everyone online shopping instead?

All I know is, the grocery store I was in over the weekend had enough boxes of panettone stacked up to build Donald’s wall.

Now there’s an idea!


6 thoughts on “Ho, ho, hum …

  1. Hi Fransi.
    We’ve noticed this too, though here it gets busy around 4pm., I think because many shoppers are hoping for discounts on ‘expiring’ stock. Everyone’s feeling the pinch, and a lot of shopping is being done on-line, though I heard on the news that even their figures and profits are down by around 9% on last year.
    I have just a couple of things in the food line left to get. It’s too early now but come the end of the week, I should be able to get what I want OK. It won’t be too much in the treat line though, like panettones, as our digestive systems will rebel big time!
    Hubby’s pressies are all wrapped, and we just need to get Maggie’s new Baby.

    • I think people are feeling the pinch and agree that there will probably be some crowds on Christmas eve day when whatever is left is drastically reduced. Didn’t know that online shopping is also down, so that’s interesting.

      Glad you’re so organized and can now take it easy except for Maggie’s baby 😊

  2. A wall that feeds people, that’s an inspiring idea, Fransi! However, I fear the folks who completely miss the irony of putting up blood red Christmas trees would see little value in feeding the hungry.

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