The pause that refreshes …

For the first time in forever, I did absolutely no work over the Christmas break. I honestly can’t remember ever doing that before. Seriously. And I cannot tell you how great it feels. My brain is quiet. It’s never quiet, but it is now. I’m refreshed and rejuvenated. Won’t last long, but that’s okay. I’ve had a long overdue rest and that’s all that matters.

I rarely turned on my computer — managed my social media on my phone and frankly, I wasn’t nearly as active as I usually am. Other than some interesting documentaries I watched virtually no television. I did see a few good documentaries in the theatre as well, spent time with friends and family, cooked a fair bit, ate, read, walked a lot and slept. Bliss.

The only thing I didn’t do — which I had planned to do — was go through my drawers and closets and do a  major purge. It just seemed like too much work.

That will be a task for January. I’m keeping it simple this year. One item on my to-do list at a time. I’ll bet I’ll get much more done than I would if I had a laundry list of chores — which can be so daunting, you do nothing. At least that’s what happens to me. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how I do.

And now it’s time for me to get back to work. The party’s over.

14 thoughts on “The pause that refreshes …

  1. The relief of no computer for neigh on three weeks over the Christmas period also worked wonders for my sanity. Likewise it was spent in the bosom of family enjoying the festivities. glad you enjoyed the BIG SWITCH off Fransi. One more thing – SPRING is for PURGING!!!!

    • I can now see that unplugging is really beneficial. Glad you also took a break and enjoyed time with your family. Yes, Spring is for purging, but Iโ€™d like to get a head start. The weather in January is usually pretty dreary, so I might not mind being stuck indoors cleaning out closets and drawers. Then Iโ€™ll be able to get out and enjoy Spring, my favourite time of year. Weโ€™ll see if I stick with it ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hi Fransi,
    like the new photo!
    Glad you had a restful time over the festive break. We enjoyed loads of walks with the dog, stuffing ourselves with naughty goodies, though not in great excess I hasten to add, and no rushing about! The good news is that shopping is minimal as the freezer and cupbaords are still well stocked with food we would normally eat if we hadn’t got stuff in for Christmas! Have bought the puds for December (good BBD of March 2020) as they were redueced to 44p. Gotta save a few pennies where we can lol!
    Darts tonight after a month of no games, the first match of the second round. Hopefully it will be a laugh and we might win a game!

  3. Sounds like a relaxing and rejuvenating break, Fransi! A good reminder that we all need to slow down at times. Decluttering is one of my main goals for this year. Rather than add more pressure, I hope to take it gradually, with the intention that when I look around my home (especially my office) at the end of 2019, I will see clean surfaces . . . and inspiration. Good luck with your purging!

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