Blame the tax man …

I’ve been naughty. I had a whole week to think about what I would write today. But no, I procrastinated. “Don’t worry,” I said to myself. “You’ve got all week.” And I let myself get distracted. With books, recipes, chores, client work (okay, that’s not a distraction), daydreaming, etc. etc. etc.

Then, when it finally hit me yesterday that I hadn’t written today’s blog post, I was already up to my whats-it in organizing bills and invoices and receipts for taxis and couriers and restaurants and donations and office supplies and technology and professional services and … and … and. Yeah, I spent the entire day getting all the paperwork for my taxes ready for my accountant. What a royal pain that is.

And by the time I got through with that, I was brain dead and my back was sore and I just couldn’t face a few hours in front of the computer.

So I’m sorry. I’ve got nothing for you today. See you next week.

8 thoughts on “Blame the tax man …

  1. Of course I’ll miss my favourite Tuesday morning read but, I’m so glad to read that you daydeam, nothing better – never stop.

  2. Glad I don’t have to do them. Hubby and I don’t pay income tax as our income is below the tax threshold. We pay local taxes though and have just got our 2019/20 council tax bill which has a hike of 6% so within budget.
    Have a good week Fransi.

      • In the UK, we can ‘earn’ £12,500 pa (2019/20 tax year) before paying the basic rate of tax on the surplus. There are various bands and higher contributions, so the more you earn, the more you pay band by band.

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