Just when you’re ready to give up …

It feels like the whole world is in shambles. It doesn’t matter in which country you live, there’s another crisis every day and scandals more often than that. Lying and cheating have become the new normal.  I’ve never seen so much lawlessness, so much anger, hatred and cruelty.

Everywhere I turn, including online in comments I read on various posts, articles and blogs, people are mean-spirited, aggressive, antagonistic and rude. Like they’re just spoiling for a fight. Disagree with something or someone and you can expect to be attacked, abused actually — verbally and sometimes with the other person (or group of people) invading your personal space and jabbing their finger(s) right into your face. Count your blessings if it’s not a fist or a gun and there’s no bloodshed.

I don’t know when the last time was I heard anybody apologize. For anything. Or take responsibility. For anything.

My eternal optimism is being challenged and I don’t like the feeling.

Then, just the other day, I had an experience I wouldn’t have thought possible in this world we now find ourselves in. I had a few items on my to-do list. I used my debit card for the first. I paid cash for the second. I was on my way to the third — the grocery store — and was fishing around in my wallet for my PRESTO card (it’s a pre-loaded card so all you have to do is tap it on a reader to pay for your transit ride).

And that’s when I noticed a credit card was missing. It had obviously slipped out of its slot one of the times I’d opened my wallet.

The subway station I was at was very close to my bank, so I immediately charged over there to report it. It’s such a pain to have to wait for a new card and come up with yet another password, I decided to see if there was a chance it had been found. I didn’t hold out much hope but seeing as how I’d only been to two shops, I figured it was worth trying.

Called my pharmacist first. He searched everywhere, to no avail. I didn’t have a phone number for the second stop I’d made, so I went running over there.

As the owner of the store saw me at the entrance, she smiled and held up my card. How she knew it was mine I’m not entirely sure. Maybe I’d been the only shopper so far that day. It matters not.

All that matters is, some honest soul found it and gave it to her. And she put it away in a safe place, hoping I’d come back for it.

What’s the moral of this story? Don’t give up. There are still good, honest, decent people in this world. We may be in short supply, but we’re still out there. So keep the faith.










6 thoughts on “Just when you’re ready to give up …

  1. Glad you found it and the shopkeeper had kept it safe for you. It is indeed heartwarming.
    I found a bank card in the street complete with a packet of cigarettes with only 2 missing.
    It was recently issued, had not been signed, and was contactless, so for purchases under £30 I think it is now, a signature or PIN number is not required, you just swipe the card.
    I walked up to the branch of the bank issuer and handed it in. I left the cigarettes on the pavement.
    Another time Hubby had taken £10 cashback at a supermarket self checkout and didn’t pick it up, The next customer handed it in to a staff member and Hubby was able to retrieve it.
    There is always hope.

    • I’ve also found cards and other things and always turn them in. Your hubby is lucky he got his cash back. Whoever found it is really honest — cash is so easy just to pocket.

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