And now for something completely different …

… how about we all get on the same page?

Am I the only one getting really fed up with all the mixed messages regarding the third vaccine? I don’t understand why everyone’s saying something different and there’s a new variation of the story every day.

First it started with Pfizer, who announced months ago that they thought it was necessary for people to have a third vaccine and they applied for FDA approval. Immediately — and surprisingly I have to say — the CDC, Dr. Fauci and the White House disagreed.

Then Israel announced they were going to give third booster shots. Then Germany said they were too. And the UK. And France. Then that was modified slightly and the message was that the third shots were being given to those who are immuno-compromised — organ transplant recipients and cancer patients. Then Israel expanded that to include the elderly.

The U.S. was still saying “no, not necessary.”

And Pfizer has never wavered, they’ve never changed their position.

From the get go Canada was not a country heard from, which is not a surprise, because when it comes to the vaccine we’ve said very little — waiting for everyone else to make the first move, and the second and the third — and when our political leaders did finally open their mouths they went completely against what all the experts were saying — shifting the narrative completely to accommodate the fact that initially we were so behind in getting delivery of the vaccines and actually getting them into Canadians’ arms.

When absolutely no other country was saying it was okay to wait four months between the first and second vaccines Canada was saying it was fine. Why? Because we didn’t have enough vaccines to go around. When absolutely no other country was saying it was okay to mix and match vaccines Canada was saying it was okay. Why? Because hundreds of thousands of people had received Astra Zeneca the first time and it seemed like there were too many people getting blood clots and they stopped giving it in Canada.

Our asshat of a premier in Ontario tweeted some BS last week about a doctor who claimed that “growing case counts will not have the same meaning as during previous waves of the pandemic.” On what planet is he living??? I’m sure that was in preparation for his getting put on the spot about what his government’s plans are regarding the third vaccine.

Now all of a sudden the CDC and Dr. Fauci and the White House are starting to change their tune about third jabs — BUT — now there’s a debate going on about what you call it.

Is it a booster or is a third vaccine?

Who gives a f**k what it’s called? Do we bloody need them or not? Does everyone need one or just particular groups?

There’s a variant out there that’s more vicious than the virus we started out with. It’s attacking younger people. It’s attacking people who have been fully vaccinated. The numbers are going up and up and up with greater and greater speed. People are dying. Hospital ICUs are overflowing with desperately ill people again. It is now being acknowledged — finally — pretty much everywhere, even in Canada where we seem to prefer to hide until we can’t hide anymore — that we’re experiencing a fourth wave!

Why isn’t there global consensus on this, on what to do? I’m no scientist and I’m not a doctor, but in my little brain I’m thinking to myself that geography shouldn’t have anything to do with whether or not a third shot is a good idea.

So why aren’t all the experts looking at the same data, evaluating the same data and collaborating? Why can’t they come to a single conclusion? Why aren’t all the leaders of all the countries agreeing on a single, unified message? I am sick to death of turning on the News and hearing the reporters and anchors asking the same questions and not getting a straight answer from anyone.

All these mixed messages are not helping to get the unvaccinated, vaccinated. Don’t get me wrong, I am not making excuses for them. But all this confusion and uncertainty and waffling is definitely not helping to get them onboard.

Personally, I have heard enough to know what I want. I have seen enough numbers rising to know what I want. I’ve heard of enough people who are fully vaccinated who are getting COVID to know what I want

I want a third jab. Call it whatever you want. Call it a booster. Call it a third vaccine. Call it extra protection. I know what I’m calling it.

A lifesaver.

Can y’all just get it together? Can we all just get on with it?

6 thoughts on “And now for something completely different …

  1. My immuno-compromised husband visited his oncologist yesterday, and even he had no information/guidance from the CDC. He did recommend that my husband get his third jab, but had no idea (yet) how he can go about it. It’s an unfolding phenomon, methinks, everywhere. Patience, and persistence. And strength.

    • It’s the same everywhere, here too. At this point, more than a year and a half in, it’s hard to understand why they’re floundering but they are and we just have to wait until they figure it out. Which isn’t easy.

  2. With you all the way Fransi. We want a third jab/booster/whatever they want to call it, but are confused as to what we will be offered. We had the Astra Zeneca jab and follow up. We have heard this may not be our third vaccine, yet they are saying not the mix them. The virus is not going to go away and our leaders here in the UK are doing NOTHING to stop it coming into the country, or even going out when people go abroad. Young people are dying, the vaccinated are becoming infected, yet we are seeing holidaymakers taking no precautions whatsoever.

  3. Everyone is confused. As an AstraZeneca twice vaccinated older person I don’t know if I’m considered vaccinated or not; by some not by others maybe, who knows. No wonder that the US is not listening to Pfizer’s concerns considering they have not approved their vaccine as of yet, unless this was done in the last few days. I believe that the whole lot of them have lost their collective minds.

    • The US has been giving the Pfizer shot, it’s Astra Zeneca that still hasn’t been approved there. They haven’t been agreeing with Pfizer on the third shot, but now they are beginning to come around to the idea of approving a third vaccine for the immuno-compromised and maybe the elderly. I’ve received 2 Moderna and have no clue about a third. The communications around vaccines could not be handled in a worse way and yet it is so vitally important. I feel like the 3 stooges are in charge sometimes. Grrrrr!!

  4. Same here Di, although it’s not catastrophic here yet. The numbers are definitely going up however and it will get very serious if something isn’t done. It really drives me crazy! I am wearing a mask and distancing and that will not stop any time soon.

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