Channeling Michele Obama

Anyone out there remember that absolutely heart-stopping speech Michele Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention the night Hilary Clinton accepted the nomination? It was memorable from beginning to end, but the line that I think has been tattooed on my brain is, “when they go low, we go high.”

I don’t know about you, but that is probably one of the hardest “rules” of a civil society for me to follow. Injustice really pisses me off. So does corruption. Lies and a lack of regard for others really push my buttons and there’s no need for me to go on adding to the list because I’m sure you get where I’m coming from and what I’m getting at.

And once my hot button is pushed it takes everything I’ve got to take a deep breath and pause before I react. I am not always successful. I am getting better, but I am very far from perfect.

But right now, as I am deafened and disturbed by the cacophony of horns being honked by the convoy of truckers surrounding Queen’s Park and University Avenue and all the streets surrounding those areas I am fighting harder than ever to stop those evil thoughts and wishes from filling my brain and spilling over onto my fingertips and into my mouth — so I can avoid telling these ignorant, selfish individuals what I really think of them and what I really wish for them.

I am a huge believer in freedom and rights. My closest friend doesn’t call me Fransi vigilante for nothing. And I do always try (pretty successfully actually) to listen to all sides, even if I disagree with them. But hard as I try I cannot accept that when millions of innocent people worldwide (and very close to a million in the US alone) have died needlessly from a vicious and relentless virus — and we have the tools to fight it — that anyone has the right to refuse a vaccine or wear a mask.

That’s how I feel and I make no apologizes for it.

But what is even worse, even more infuriating, even more unacceptable is that these people — who don’t trust doctors or science and listen only to conspiracy theories — run to the hospital begging for help the minute they become infected with Covid — fully expecting to be treated. Even though their illness could have been prevented, if not for their willful refusal to do the right thing.

And still worse is the sad fact that there are so many of them and the hospitals are so swamped, so short of supplies and resources, that everyone else who finds themselves in desperate need of medical care, for any other condition, can’t get it!

People who did the right thing, who got the vaccine and got boosted and wear masks and stay distanced and use hand sanitizer and, and, and. They’re being denied critical surgery. They’re being denied life saving treatments like chemotherapy.


How is that right? How is that just? How does that make the slightest bit of sense? That the very people who have caused the crisis in the first place are taking priority over the rest of us.

Why are they being admitted to hospitals? Why are they being treated? Why have they completely taken over ICUs? Why? While the rest of us could lose our lives because the heart surgery we need, or the stents we need, or the transplants we need to remain alive are being cancelled for lack of everything — because every available resource — human and otherwise — is being used on these ingrates.

Yeah, yeah, I know, the Hippocratic oath. But where’s the Hippocratic oath when a doctor has to tell a patient scheduled for a mastectomy that it’s been cancelled because the hospital is just overwhelmed with anti-everythings who have Covid. Or how about when that same doctor has to look her husband in the eye after she dies because she didn’t get her surgery or her treatment on time? Where’s the Hippocratic oath then?

This is hard enough to deal with in the abstract. But it’s starting to get personal. I know people who are being impacted. So you know what I want to shout right now to those truckers who are within spitting distance of where I live. You know what I want to post on Facebook.

But I’m trying to channel Michele Obama. How am I doing?


19 thoughts on “Channeling Michele Obama

  1. 100% with you Fransi! Said pretty much the same thing this am to Yves. I curse a lot! And I mean a lot! I curse at the TV I curse at the iPad, at the radio…wherever I hear or see this stupidity! They threaten that when the hospitals are over crowded they have to chose who gets care…so my question is why can’t they chose not to care for people who chose to be unvaccinated ? I can be threatened by my GP she doesn’t want to continue with me because I smoke. Why can’t the ones who chose not to be vaccinated get the same treatment instead of allowing innocents to suffer and die?
    You keep channeling Michele Obama I know you can do it! Do not go outside to vent, you never know what kind of crazy you’re dealing with and from what I have seen they are the pinnacle of crazy. Stay safe dear Fransi keep those fingers venting😉😘

    • Thank you dear Dorinda. It is SO bloody infuriating. If I was a doctor or a nurse or any health care worker I would refuse to treat anyone who is unvaccinated even if it meant losing my job. Great as always to hear from you. Stay safe and well.

  2. I think we’re all desperately clawing on to our sanity. It serves no one to go lower, but I find myself worrying more and more about the disregard for the rule of law, and the explosion of selfishness. Where (and how) does this end? I guess past generations have dealt with even worse horrors, and somehow mankind and goodness have prevailed. The dinosaurs are extinct. Always look to history, I guess, and yes, take the high road. You’re doing fine, Fransi.

    • I think you’re right Terry. It affects all of us and we’re all clinging to sanity with dental floss. The sense of entitlement these anti-vaxxers have though, just really makes me crazy. These are very challenging times in a myriad of ways and we just have to hope we all get through it in one least we have the comfort of having good friends we can commiserate with. Thanks Terry. Here’s to the high road.

  3. We have the same here in the UK and it’s annoying beyond belief. Our local GP surgery is crap and ’emergency appointments’ are scheduled, after a fight with the receptionists, for two weeks ahead. They aren’t dealing with Covid period, but they ain’t dealing with anyone else either! Our hospitals are overcrowded and surgeries are being cancelled, not postponed. One woman has been waiting over three years for a hip replacement and can hardly walk. Her last surgery was scheduled for October and has been cancelled with no alternative timeframe. I read about these selfish ignorant and arrogant fools bleating for treatment when they are taken down by the virus but haven’t been vaccinated. I have no sympathy and let them fend for themselves. As for our government? They are a shambles and a disgrace. No respect for anyone else and they will kill us all. They’ve lifted Covid restrictions and we are just waiting for the figures to rocket again. Keep safe Fransi. We as individuals can protect ourselves from the virus, but we cannot do our own surgery.

  4. You’ve voiced what I believe a majority of Canadians feel so, thank you and about channelling Michele Obama, trust me you’re doing fine.

  5. I share your absolute bewilderment, Fransi, that so many people have lost not only their ability to reason, but their ability to care about others. It’s almost like a separate pandemic of ignorance and indifference. I believe wholeheartedly in Michelle Obama’s maxim, but acknowledge that sometimes it’s impossible to walk the high-road when the slime is seeping up from below. When we slip, we resolve to try again and not swear as loudly the next time. We do the best we can. Thanks for stating so clearly what so many of us are feeling. Take care.

    • You know Donna, you’ve nailed it. It is like a separate pandemic of ignorance and indifference. And it’s every bit as dangerous as Covid, because it is larger even than vaccines and masks. It’s linked to the death of democracy.

      • I fear you’re right about the demise of democracy, Fransi. What little hope I have is pinned on the emergence of some strong and charismatic leaders, most likely women of integrity, vision, and compassion. Perhaps they can inspire us to be our best selves and remind us that, as Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

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