Day 235. Feels Deserted

I’m not used to this. Having absolutely nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No, no, no. Don’t feel sorry for me. Everyone’s in the same boat. At least they are, here, in closedToronto, where I live. It’s Good Friday. And everything is shut tight.

Banks are closed. So are liquor stores. So are all stores, for that matter. Big, small, mom and pop. Pretty sure lots of restaurants are, as well. We can still get a coffee and convenience stores are probably open. I haven’t checked.

Traffic will be non-existent. But since there’s nowhere to go, most people won’t get to take advantage of it. What a bummer for commuters who have to deal with monstrous traffic, all the time. Day in. Day out. Ugh!

Think about it. Wouldn’t you be pissed as hell, if you could finally get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in record time, but nothing

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Day 197. One Left

Are you as sick of award shows as I am?  I don’t know about you, but I feel like they’ve been going on forever.  But after this coming Sunday night’s broadcast of the pressAcademy Awards, I think we’ll be done.  Thank The Lord!

I am SO bored with them.  Bored with all the promos.  All the commercials.  All the contests.  All the articles.  All the ads.  All the speculation.  All the talk.  All the gossip.  All the guessing.  The lead up, in other words.  It feels like we’ve been leading up forever.

I am bored with the vanity.  And the egos.  And the name-dropping.  And the ass-kissing.  And that’s just among the on-air personalities.

I am bored with the breasts.  The butts.  The backs.  The ‘leg’.  The shoes.  The bags.  The hair; and why it’s wrong.  Or right.  The make up.  The lips.  The lashes.

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