Day 346. Wishful Thinking

I’ve wanted to live in a loft since I was about eleven or twelve years old.  I don’t know where I got the idea.  A real artist’s loft.  Not a modern take on a loft.  And it’s dream homealways alluded me.  I’m still wanting.  And waiting.  Not that I haven’t looked.

It’s not something I dwell on.  Certainly don’t think about it everyday.  But since reading Tuesday’s WordPress Daily Prompt, I can’t get it out of my mind:  “You win a contest to build your dream home.  Draft the plans.”

Yeah, what I’m talking about is in an old warehouse, or factory.  Twenty-foot ceilings, inside.  Minimum.  Brick walls.  A wall or two of big windows, preferably rounded at the top.  Concrete floors.  Or wide, scuffed  Continue reading