I’m officially ready to move on …

While talking to a friend last Friday, she said something that sort of freaked me out — not because it icewas shocking or surprising — only because I’d thought the exact same thing myself, a few hours earlier.

Turns out we’ve both decided we’ve had more than enough of summer.

Don’t know about where you live but here, in Toronto, it’s been relentlessly hot . Day after day of humidity so high it Continue reading

Day 187. Snowed In

I actually can’t remember when the last time was we had a blizzard like this in Toronto.  On the news yesterday they said it’s been five years.  In Montreal it’s a common snowoccurrence.  But not here.

All I know is, it started snowing late afternoon on Thursday, and it snowed all night and all day Friday.

Skiers, of course, are thrilled.  We haven’t had snow until now.  Maybe a few sprinkles here and there, but that’s all.  Kids were thrilled too, but for a different reason.  Schools were closed yesterday.  And there they all were, shovelling, tobogganing, making snow angels and snowmen and having snowball fights.

Oh, to be eight years old again.

Driving was pretty hazardous, as it always is, when the first real storm of the season hits.  I’m sure the morning commute to work was an absolute nightmare.  Same with the evening rush hour.  Thank God, it wasn’t a Continue reading