I’m the kiss of death …

Can’t you just see everyone who comes into contact with me, who’s read this headline, slowly backing away?  I can.  Kinda funny, actually.ExplodingComputer  But they really should have stuck around for the rest of the story, because it only applies to me and technology and electrical appliances.  Humans and animals are safe.  At least as far as I know.

In the last month alone everything I’ve touched has turned to shit.  We had a power outage a few weeks ago.  Not just in my apartment building, in a huge area of Toronto.  Of course it happened the instant I arrived home with six bags of groceries, most of which were perishable.  I live on the 15th floor and had no intention of schlepping those bags up all those stairs.  Not that it would have Continue reading

Day 34. Bizarre Beliefs

My palm was so itchy this morning it woke me up.  I looked to see if I had a rash or dry skin.  Nope.  Well, I thought to myself:  “I guess that means I’m coming into money.”  It was a tantalizing enough thought to get me out of bed.  No dawdling.  And then I thought that maybe I’d write about superstitions today.  So I did what I always do.  I Googled them.

And that’s when I found out, for the first time, that if your left palm is itchy, you’ll come into money — but only if you scratch it on wood.  To my great pleasure, it was my left palm so that’s what I did.  Thankfully wood is in plentiful supply in my apartment.  Reading on, however, I discovered that it is, in fact, your right palm that has to be itchy in order for you to receive money.  Your left palm means you’ll be dishing it out.  Hmmmmm …

I apologize to all the members of my family and close friends with whom I would have shared my new-found wealth.  I just hope that scratching on wood doesn’t make it worse.  When you knock on wood it’s supposed to prevent bad luck, so that’s what I did.  Right away.  Hopefully it will all just balance itself out and I’ll be no worse off than I was before my itchy palm woke me up.

To distract myself from both my left and right palms, and what I might or might not have to look forward to, I decided to look into more superstitions.  Most of us are familiar with many of them:  Not walking under ladders, making sure black cats don’t cross your path, making sure you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake with one breath, four-leaf clover, Friday the 13th, finding pennies.  But I’m pretty sure that you’ll be surprised at some of what I found.  Did you Continue reading