Day 130. In Moderation

Seeing as how we’re right into the thick of Christmas shopping season, I thought I’d ask. What kind of ‘gifter’ are you? Do you buy something for yourself every time you buy a gift for someone else? Or almost every time?

I was never that extreme, but I have been known to indulge. To see something that caught my fancy. Something I hadn’t planned on, or even thought of. Which, in case you haven’t giftsfigured it out yet, meant I didn’t need it. But when did that stop anyone? Retailers love spontaneous shoppers. And, quick as a bunny, I’d snatch it up. Almost guiltily, mind you. Because I was supposed to be shopping for others.

Now I see folks literally staggering under the weight of all the gifts they’ve bought and I think they’re nuts. Especially in these times. I’m reformed, you see. Those days are behind me. Happily, too.

To be totally honest when it comes to Christmas gifts, in particular, I’ve become a bit of a scrooge. For years, now. First of all, most of my friends and family need another sweater, bathrobe, pair of pyjamas, scarf, book, kitchen gadget, magazine subscription or wallet like they need a third eye.

Same goes for perfume, cologne, after-shave, bath oil, bath salts, bubble bath, scented candles, bath pillows,

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