Promise you won’t tell … ?

Looking to numb my brain for a bit last weekend I turned to the TV and started channel surfing landing, eventually, on Big Bang Theory.  Are you whisperfamiliar with it?  It’s a terrific show, actually — a sitcom (which I usually don’t like) now in its eighth season.

There are five main characters.  Two geeky physicists, Sheldon and Leonard, who share an apartment … Penny, a waitress, who lives across the hall (who Leonard lusts after, with varying degrees of success) and their two equally geeky friends, Howard (an aerospace engineer) and Raj (an astrophysicist).

Anyway, in the episode I watched, which happened to be a re-run of an old show, Sheldon, who is my favourite character, was angsting because Penny had shared a secret with him and asked, Continue reading

Day 161. Hidden Agendas

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been around the block. More than a few times. I’ve worked in industries, and with individuals, who leave you with very few illusions. I’ve thumbs upmet and known and loved all kinds of people. I’ve been hurt. Disappointed. Taken advantage of. Had my heart broken.

Been shaken up. Battered and bruised (not literally, thankfully). Shed some tears.

Yes, I know. Apologies. This is beginning to sound like the lyrics to a song. Shania Twain, anyone? Celine Dion? Leonard Cohen? But you know what I mean. I’m merely saying I’ve learned my fair share of the lessons life can, and does, teach us. And if I haven’t ‘seen it all’, I’ve come pretty damn close.

So I am always shocked when I discover I am still capable of being naive. But clearly, I am:

A couple of weeks ago I came across a blogger asking her readers to say nice things about her blog. And in return she’d do the same for them. Got to admit it took me aback.

Before I go any further with this, let me make myself perfectly clear. I am not passing judgement here. I am just asking a question. Where is the satisfaction in getting compliments you asked for?

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