Day 323. Finding Love

Yesterday’s WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge, “Love in the 21st Century” has taken me on a little trip down memory lane. My mother died six years ago. That night several of my friends and I sat around my dining room table, drinking, snacking and sharing stories about my mother. loveThey all had their own relationships with her. She loved each and every one of them; and considered them to be her friends, as well as mine.

At some point, we started talking about other things. We were all single and I guess my mother’s death had made us wonder who’d be there for us, when it was our time.

That was when one of my friends announced, casually, that she was online dating. The rest of us sat there, stunned. Our mouths hanging open. Eyes bugged. Staring at her. It was a relatively new phenomenon back then. And it was mostly guys and gals in their very late teens and twenties who were daring enough to try it.

Women our age didn’t date online.

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