Day 191. Longer Days

Have you noticed?  I only really noticed it on the weekend.  The days are getting longer.  Thankfully!  I’m one of those people who need daylight.  The more, the daylightmerrier.

While channel surfing last week, some time, I saw Goldie Hawn being interviewed.  She was saying when she lived in Vancouver, because her son was playing hockey there, she couldn’t handle the lack of sunshine.  It is a gloriously beautiful city, but winters can be kind of dreary.  Lots of grey skies and rain.  Anyway, she said she was depressed all the time; and finally figured out what was wrong.

She was suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  In other words, lack of sunlight.  No, it’s not a bunch of hooey.  It was first identified around 1845, but wasn’t officially classified until 1984, when psychiatrist Norman E. Rosenthal started studying cases of depression that seemed to occur only in winter.  He observed thousands of people with the same symptoms; and, ultimately, wrote an article for The Washington Post.

Obviously it’s prevalent in winter because the days are shorter, the weather is colder and we’re indoors for longer periods of time.  So Continue reading