Day 123. Who? Me?

It’s easy to figure everyone else out.  Their strengths.  Their weaknesses.  Their ‘issues’.  Their baggage.  Well, let me qualify that.  It’s easy if you’re somewhat intuitive, you pay attention and you care.  And if you’re willing to pull selfyourself away from your most favourite subject (yourself), long enough to see what’s really going on, with the people around you.

But have you got yourself figured out?  That’s not quite so easy, is it?

Again, it could be if you wanted to.  So.  Do you?  Or don’t you?  Do you really not know?  Or don’t you want to know?  Because there is a pretty substantial difference between the two.  Who, then are you?  Which camp are you in?

With those who are very good at ignoring even the obvious?  Like ostriches, they bury their heads in the sand.  And won’t even try.  Or with those who scamper away every time they get close to discovering the truth about themselves? Too scared or too uncomfortable to go any further.

Or with those who don’t let themselves get away with anything.  They delve and confront themselves at every opportunity.  Keep themselves honest.  Do the work, when there’s work that needs doing.  Or at least acknowledge that some tinkering is needed; and either put it on a to-do list or knowingly walk away from it.  ‘Knowingly’ being the Continue reading