Day 151. The Difference

Can’t tell you exactly when, last year, the penny finally dropped.  It doesn’t matter anyway.  What’s interesting is, the subject seems to be on the minds of a lot of shopaholicfolks.  Not surprising really, considering the state of the economy.  But what is surprising is, we all seem to have caught on, at the same time.

You’re probably sitting there, shaking your head, saying to yourselves, “What the hell is she talking about?”

Am I right?

Well, there’s been endless talk about debt lately.  Global debt.  America’s debt.  Canada’s debt.  The European debt.  But no one is really talking about our individual debt.  And because every where I turn, everyone seems to be talking about the changes they’re making, how they’re cutting back, I’m thinking this is a good time to share Continue reading

Day 146. Bye Bye

Don’t know about you, but I’m ready.  I’ve seen quite a few of them come and go in my time.  Sometimes I’m kinda sorry when the 31st comes along.  When it’s been awaving good year; and I wish we could hang on to it, just a bit longer.

But this year.  Ta Ta.  Vamoose.  So long.  Scram.  Ciao.

Not that it’s been awful for me.  It hasn’t.  It’s got nothing to do with ‘my’ world.  I’m talking about the world at large.  The one we all inhabit.  The idealist in me is disappointed.  And frustrated.

I’m ready to say good-bye.

To violence.  Unnecessary bloodshed.  Guns.  Knives.  Grenades.  Bombs.  The threat of nuclear weapons.  Dead bodies.  Young.  Old.  Rich.  Poor.  Lives cut short, for no reason.  In our neighbourhoods.  In nearby cities.   Continue reading