Day 349. Ahhhhh … Lovely!

The last time I attempted this was almost five months ago.  It was March 30, Day 236 of this blog.  I’d read a Weekly Photo Challenge (describe a day in your life) lemonadethat intrigued me.  Except I didn’t use photographs.  I tried to create my pictures with words.  It was great fun to do; and it turned out pretty well.

And the minute I saw this past Friday’s Weekly Photo Challenge I knew I wanted to try it again.  This time the subject is “fresh”.  “The definition for fresh has a bit of a fork in it — it’s a state (new, recent, previously unknown) and it’s a taste or sensation (cool, sweet, invigorating, refreshing) … Which description will you go with?  Show us what you got!”

How could I resist?  A chance to see if I can make you literally ‘taste’ what I’m describing.  To feel it cooling Continue reading

Day 344. It’s Bitchin’

I remember it very clearly.  It was a long, cold, miserable winter, we had this year.  Endless, in fact.  It started early and ended late.  Lots and lots of snow.  More heatwavethan I’ve ever seen, in the almost thirty years I’ve lived here.

And it was damp.  Went right through you.  Chilled you to the bone, no matter how many layers of warm clothing you had on.  I shivered day after day, week after week, month after month.  If I didn’t absolutely, positively have to go out, I did not.  I hibernated.  Like a bear, in a cave.

It was a misery, all right.  And I remember the promise I made to myself, when we were really in the thick of it.  When it seemed like there’d be no end to it.  When it was still snowing and blowing and freezing in March.  When it was supposed to be spring.  When I couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering.

“If summer ever comes, no matter how hot it gets, I will NOT complain.  I will NOT moan.  I will NOT groan.   Continue reading