Day 272. Nothing’s Better

Yesterday was our second to last HotDocs movie.  It was an early one.  One o’clock start.  And so it was still mid-afternoon when we got out of the theatre.  Marilyn wanted to cartwheelgo to a drug store a couple of blocks away; and, seeing as how it was such a gorgeous day, I decided to tag along.

On our way, we passed right by a new Marshalls.  Of course we had to go in.  We’re women.  What woman can resist a bargain?  For those of you who live outside North America, Marshalls is an off price (discount) apparel and home fashion retailer.

My first introduction to it, was in Sarasota, Florida about thirteen or fourteen years ago.  A friend of mine is the ultimate bargain hunter.  And I do mean the ultimate.  She could teach classes.

For years she, and a group of bridge-playing friends, would go to Sarasota for a few weeks every winter.  They’d rent a house and spend their days outlet shopping and playing bridge.  Hour after hour after hour after hour.  It  Continue reading

Day 266. First Three

You remember I mentioned I’d be seeing ten films at this year’s HotDocs? Well, I’ve now seen three of them. “Ballerina”, “Anita” and “Tough Bond”. With the exception 3moviesof Anita, I can’t say I loved all of them. But I am happy I saw them.

Does that make any sense at all? Probably not. It does to me, though. Because there was something in all three I found worth seeing.

“Ballerina” was, perhaps, the biggest surprise. Why, I’m not exactly sure.

Maybe because I’ve seen several films on dance and dancers over the years, so now I have pre-conceived notions. And a couple of years ago at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) I saw “Pina”, an absolutely magnificent Wim Wenders documentary about Pina Bausch, a famous German performer of modern dance, choreographer, dance teacher and ballet director.

Shot on 3D it has, for me, forever changed my expectations for this genre of film.

So maybe it just wasn’t ever going to be possible for me to love “Ballerina”. Maybe I was just unable to appreciate it, on its

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