Day 340. A Diehard?

Are you one of those rabid sports fans? You know who I mean. If you’re watching at home, you’re sitting there, on your couch, at the edge of your seat, beer in Clemente Baseballhand. You’re leaning forward, intent on the action. When your team scores, or doesn’t, you’re on your feet, dancing around like a bee just stung you on the butt, hands punching the air, yelling your head off, face flushed almost purple.

Yeah, you.

If you happen to be there in person, at the stadium or in the arena or on the golf course or at the tennis courts or at the finish line you’re just as engaged. Just as vocal. Just as enthusiastic. Just as nuts.

Only in this instance, you’re most likely wearing a T-shirt or a cap with your favourite team’s logo on it. Or your favourite player’s name and number. You might even have your face painted. In addition to clutching a beer or a hot dog or some popcorn, or an ice cream bar you’re also probably madly waving a large foam number or finger or flag or whatever, in the team’s colours, and also sporting their logo.

Yeah, you.

Have I described you accurately? If so, you should click right here, check out yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt — “Are

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Day 256. Rules Schmules?

I realize this is old news by now, but what was going on in Boston was so much more important.  So I delayed this post.  But it’s a topic I’d still like to table so, with rulesyour indulgence …

Yeah, I’d like to talk about the whole hullabaloo over Tiger Woods, his ‘drop’ at the Masters, the penalty and whether or not he was punished severely enough.  Whether or not he should have been disqualified or, as some have suggested, withdrawn from the tournament on his own.

Let’s start at the beginning.  The very beginning.

Just twenty-two years old when he won his first major tournament, the Masters, breaking a record to boot, Tiger captured the hearts and imaginations of golfers and non-golfers alike.  By June of that same year, he was Continue reading