How the 2016 feuding felines peace accord is coming along …

Well it’s been a week since I last checked in with you. At that time things were pretty dire between my two boys,white-flag Sundance and Bartlett. Okay, maybe “dire” is a tad over dramatic. How about “heated?” Or “tenuous?” Nope, that doesn’t really describe the situation.

I know. “Tense.” Yes, that’s it. Things were “tense.” Sundance was definitely “tense.” Bartlett, not so much. He actually seemed oblivious. Except he couldn’t have been, because Sundance was afraid of something, of someone; and it sure wasn’t me.

Once I realized an intervention was necessary I sat them both down. Told them that they didn’t have to fight over me — that I was theirs, and that there is plenty of me to go around. Then I set about making Sundance feel Continue reading

Trouble in paradise …

Yeah, I know, they look angelic, like butter would melt in their mouths. Much of the time that’s true, but not img_0492always. Not lately. It seems that Sundance (ginger tabby) and Bartlett (grey/white) are at war; and I’m pretty sure it’s over me.

Bear with me while I go back to the beginning.

I had Sundance first. Well, I had him before Bartlett joined our little family, but I adopted Zazu (who has since passed on) about three months before I got a call from a cat rescue to tell me about Sundance. Which makes Sundance the “middle child.”

My concerns about Zazu and Sundance taking to each other were unfounded. Within a few hours she was grooming him, showing him Continue reading

Day 292. The Monster

“Envy is the most stupid of vices, for there is no single advantage to be gained from it”.  Honore de Balzac

I love this quote.  I totally agree with it.  There is nothing to be gained from it.  And as far from perfect as I am, I cannot think of a single instance where I’ve been jealousyjealous of anyone.  Ever.  I don’t care if you are richer.  If you’re prettier.  If you’re thinner.  If you’re taller.  If you’re smarter.  If you have a handsome husband.  Perfect kids.

It matters not if you have a larger house.  A faster car.  Nicer clothes.  Whiter teeth.  Deeper dimples.  A smaller nose.  Blonder hair.  Bigger breasts.  A tinier waist.  More bling.  More friends.  Fewer bills.  Less debt.  More credit.  A better job.  A bigger office.  More assistants.

Don’t expect me to worry if you have more talent.  More opportunities.  More recognition.  More fans.  More followers.  More success.


My eyes may be green, but I don’t have a jealous bone in my body.

Jealousy is not in my nature.  Frankly I think it’s a waste of time.  And effort.  And energy.

Jealousy is negative. Continue reading

Day 246. Jealous Kitties

Well, not exactly jealous.  More like possessive.  Where I’m concerned.  They’ve always fought over me.  But lately it seems to have escalated somewhat.  They’ve got theboysme surrounded at all times.

My boys.  Bartlett and Sundance.  They’ve always sort of been rivals.  I guess you could say they’ve always had a love/hate relationship.  It was tough on Bartlett.  He was the third to join the family.

First was Zazu and she loved being the queen of the castle.  After a bit of a rough start she accepted Sundance and started mothering him.  He let her boss him around a good deal of the time, although he let her know pretty early on he was no wimp, so it didn’t take too long before they became pretty good friends.

She never let him forget how lucky he was, she took him in, though.  He usually let her think she was in charge.

Poor Bartlett, on the other hand, was an unwelcome intruder for a pretty long time.  He and Zazu never got along.  And, like I said, he and Sundance have been on again/off again.  There are days when they’re the best of Continue reading