I’m struggling …

I was brought up in a home where everyone was welcome. I was taught to treat everyone kindly and decently, to respect everyone — regardless of where they came from, their race, religion, economic status or sexual preferences, whether I agreed with their beliefs and opinions or not. I was taught to look for the Continue reading

What happened to “brotherhood,” “mercy” and “nobleness?”

Beautiful lyrics to be sure. But they’re being drowned out by the sound of innocent children crying. Something to think about this upcoming July 4th …  Continue reading

Day 347. Switching Sides?

This is a tough one. Fraught with controversy. Full of risk. Because it’s a polarizing subject. REALLY polarizing. But still, I feel compelled to talk about it. To share my feelings. And,back and forth maybe, start a conversation. It all started with yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt: “Think of a topic or issues about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?”

Well, I thought and thought and thought. And I was coming up empty. I’m a pretty decisive person; and before I make decisions, I tend to think them through pretty carefully. Long and hard. I don’t change my mind all that often.

So you should know this is a really big deal for me.

What you should also know is, I haven’t completely changed course. Switched to the other side. But I am

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Day 342. Sad Day

I must say I am confused. How is it that a man, who fears for his own safety, can shoot another man and get away with it? And yet the other man cannot defend racial profilinghimself. Because if and when he does try to fight off his attacker, he is essentially giving the other man permission to kill him.

Just asking.

Seriously, I would like someone to explain it to me.

Let me ask the question another way. Let’s say you were out, minding your own business. Suddenly you are

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Day 253. My Weekend

What a weekend!  David Sedaris on Friday night.  And a play on Sunday afternoon.  Following a pretty hectic week.  With an even more hectic week to come, this ticketsweek.  Maybe I should double my vitamins.  Don’t be surprised if I post a bit later in the morning in the next several days.

A friend of mine received the theatre tickets as a Christmas gift.  And I was the beneficiary of her niece’s (and her hubby’s) generosity.  Thanks, by the way.  We went to see “RACE”, by David Mamet.

Very provocative.  Very politically incorrect.

I had no idea what to expect.  Usually I’d google it before hand, but this time I didn’t.  My friend invited me, I accepted, I made note of the day and time in my calendar, and promptly put it out of my mind.  I guess I was preoccupied.

If you’re not familiar with him (David Mamet), he’s an American author, playwright, screenwriter and film Continue reading