What money can’t buy …

After yesterday’s post was published a friend emailed me to talk about it. One of her comments was in reference to my recollections of the Christmas lunches my father and grandfather had for their staff — her point being that it was probably those acts of kindness and generosity that were, in large part, what made their employees so loyal.

She was right, of course. My dad and grandfather treated their employees kindly, fairly and respectfully everyday, not just once a year at lunch. And in return, they had virtually
no staff turnover.

The comment got me thinking and, almost immediately, my Continue reading

After I’m gone …

I recently completed a project for an estate and trust lawyer.  And another client of mine is an investment advisor.  Both of them are in the ‘money’ Figure in the fogbusiness.  One helps clients accumulate it; and the other helps them dispose of it.  But I’ve always believed that money is the least of what we leave behind — our legacy, in other words.

Which is the reason why I decided to take a stab at a recent WordPress Daily Prompt for this post:  “Imagine yourself at the end of your life.  What sort of legacy will you leave?  Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.”

A good place to start is probably the non-monetary legacy my parents left me.  They were kind, loving, generous people.  Everyone was welcome in their home, in their lives and in their hearts.   It didn’t matter who you were, or where you came from.

They were honest to a fault.  Their ‘word’ was like a blood oath.  And there isn’t a human being who ever knew them, who would ever have questioned their integrity, or their intentions.

Family and friends meant everything to them; and whenever anyone needed help my parents could Continue reading

Day 281. Judgement Day

I recently watched an interview with Simon Cowell, he of X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol fame.  It was a repeat, but I never saw it the first time it invisibleaired.  Not so sure I would have watched it this time, to be perfectly honest, if there’d been anything else worth watching on TV.

Not that I was obliged to watch television.  It’s not like I had nothing else to do.  I was just in the mood for it.  And he was as good as it got, at the time.

What have I got against him?  Nothing really, other than I don’t think he has to be as mean-spirited and cruel as he usually is, when he’s judging those talent (or the lack there of) shows.  Don’t get me wrong.  He can spot talent.  I do respect his standards.  I have high standards myself.  But I think you can be discerning, honest and kind at the same time.

Polite, too.  You can also be polite at the same time.  He’s often very rude.  Another characteristic of his I can live without.

But he did say something very interesting at the end of the show, which made it worth watching.  I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially he said when the time came for him (and others) to look back and reflect on his life, he hoped his presence here on earth will have meant something. He hoped, at the very least, people would agree he stood for something.  That his life Continue reading