A delicious memory …

I was six or seven years old and we were up north for the summer. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and I seemed to be alone with my grandmother, who is pictured here, at my parents’ wedding.

She was hanging freshly-washed sheets and clothes on the line and I was “helping” her. When we were done she asked if I was hungry, which I was. Must have been lunch time.

After we brought the empty laundry basket and the bucket of unused clothes pins back into the house, she grabbed a big bowl and we went out into the garden again. She explained how to tell if the tomatoes were ripe and then Continue reading

Day 349. Ahhhhh … Lovely!

The last time I attempted this was almost five months ago.  It was March 30, Day 236 of this blog.  I’d read a Weekly Photo Challenge (describe a day in your life) lemonadethat intrigued me.  Except I didn’t use photographs.  I tried to create my pictures with words.  It was great fun to do; and it turned out pretty well.

And the minute I saw this past Friday’s Weekly Photo Challenge I knew I wanted to try it again.  This time the subject is “fresh”.  “The definition for fresh has a bit of a fork in it — it’s a state (new, recent, previously unknown) and it’s a taste or sensation (cool, sweet, invigorating, refreshing) … Which description will you go with?  Show us what you got!”

How could I resist?  A chance to see if I can make you literally ‘taste’ what I’m describing.  To feel it cooling Continue reading