A touching reminder of what really matters …

It was cold last Friday and extremely windy so I wimped out. Truth be told I was also lazy, so I took a Lyft where I was going. Lyft, in case you don’t know, is a ride-sharing company like Uber.

The minute I got into the car before I’d even settled myself enough to close the door, the driver told me that mine was his favourite apartment building in Toronto. He then immediately went on to tell me it was because of our doorman.

Further explaining, he told me that 20-odd years ago he was a newcomer to Canada, an immigrant who Continue reading

What money can’t buy …

After yesterday’s post was published a friend emailed me to talk about it. One of her comments was in reference to my recollections of the Christmas lunches my father and grandfather had for their staff — her point being that it was probably those acts of kindness and generosity that were, in large part, what made their employees so loyal.

She was right, of course. My dad and grandfather treated their employees kindly, fairly and respectfully everyday, not just once a year at lunch. And in return, they had virtually
no staff turnover.

The comment got me thinking and, almost immediately, my Continue reading

Day 170. Silent ‘Partners’??

Damn! It’s that time again. Here in Ontario we have a Harmonized Sales Tax (or consumption tax) of 13%. It’s applied to a host of products and services, from pick pocketsalcohol to gasoline, from homes costing over a certain amount of money to adult clothing and more.

It’s not only consumers who are affected. I have to charge my clients HST, as well. And then I have to declare it quarterly. And pay it, obviously, as well. Which is why I refer to Revenue Canada as my silent partner. Not that they do anything for me. On the contrary, I work my butt off and they sit there, hands outstretched, waiting.

Wish I could get a gig like that.

No skills necessary. They don’t need to know a thing about my business. For that matter, they barely know how to do their own jobs. If you’ve ever tried to get information out of the IRS or CRA, or whatever your equivalent is, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Their jobs are a lot more stable than ours. And let’s not even talk about the quality of their benefits.

They make tons of mistakes, all of which go unpunished. And God help you if you’re ever in a position of trying to prove

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