The good old days …

A friend and I were talking about New York the other day. I’ve been there hundreds of times over the course of my lifetime, but I had an instant flashback to one trip, in particular.

I was with my parents, my aunt and cousin. I was young, not yet a teenager. But not as young as I am in the photo with my parents. I was probably a year old, two at the most in this shot.

My parents and I used to go to New York every spring, for easter, for about a week or 10 days. My father went often for business, but as a family we went once a year, although occasionally more often. My mother was born there and Continue reading

Day 351. Moveable Feasts

picnicWhere do you prefer to eat?  Are you a confirmed at-the-dining-room-table kind of diner?  Or are you an al fresco kind of diner?

A lot of folks dislike eating outside because of the bugs.  And others just find it too much work to move dishes and cutlery and glasses and drinks and food from the kitchen to the outdoors.  They don’t like the schlepping.

Alexandra Hanson-Harding, 135journals, had an interesting post the other day, about picnics.  In it she posted thirty-one questions she wrote for Toastmasters.  I’m not going to attempt to answer all of them, but she did inspire me to share some memories of a couple of picnics I’ve enjoyed.

They’re not very traditional, in that there was no red and white checked tablecloth involved.  No wicker basket, Continue reading