Day 90. Best Friends

I’ve written so many posts about cats, I’m wondering if, perhaps, you think that I don’t like dogs.  So I decided I’d set the record straight. Considering that today is “D”-day, this seems like the perfect time to tell you about my much-loved pooch, Tosca.

When I was four years old my mother had an ectopic pregnancy.  As a result of some damage to her remaining fallopian tube, she was unable to have more children.  My mom and dad, who were wonderful parents, had always wanted more than one child.  So thinking they might adopt, they asked me if I’d like a brother or a sister.  I told them I wanted a dog.

In the end, I remained an only child.  And it took three more years, until I was seven, to convince my mother to let me have a pet.  She knew, although both my dad and I both Continue reading