Day 313. Say What????

If there is anything that makes me see RED, it’s when someone tries to insult my intelligence. I am far from being a genius, but I am NOT stupid. I am NOT gullible. I am NOT a fool. I am NOT some innocent who was just born yesterday. You CANNOT pull the wool over my eyes. I can see through bullshit a mile away.

And while you’re liarat it, do NOT lie to me, either. I have zero tolerance. Combine the two and I am going to combust. And you know what?

I’m not alone. Nobody likes it.

So yesterday I ranted about the shadier side of what’s been going on in the Canadian political arena lately. And yes, I did give you a

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Day 261. Canadian Arrests

For all the Canadians who think terrorists don’t target us, think again.  Seems the police have had two alleged terrorists under investigation since August 2012.  Andfingerprints a couple of days ago, April 22 to be precise, a special joint tax force of RCMP and CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) anti-terrorism units, in partnership with provincial and municipal police forces in Ontario and Quebec arrested them.

Thankfully, long before they could carry out their plot, which was still in the planning stage.

Thankfully, long before countless numbers of innocent people were killed and injured.

Their plan?  To blow up a VIA passenger train in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  When?  No one is saying.  Why?  No one is saying.  But do terrorists really need a reason?  And if and when they have one, does it make a difference?  Does it, somehow, make it make sense?

Of course not.

Which train?  Apparently it wasn’t a specific train they were after.  It was a specific route.  Although no details have been Continue reading