I’m struggling …

I was brought up in a home where everyone was welcome. I was taught to treat everyone kindly and decently, to respect everyone — regardless of where they came from, their race, religion, economic status or sexual preferences, whether I agreed with their beliefs and opinions or not. I was taught to look for the Continue reading

I miss the good old days …

No question there’s a lot about the 21st century to be excited about, but there’s a lot I miss about days gone by.

Last Thursday I went to see the Christian Dior exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum here, in Toronto. Every garment, whether for daytime or evening, was shown with gloves — short, mostly black ones with suits and dresses and white, cream and occasionally black, long, above-the-elbow ones for formal wear.

I remember that from when I was growing up. My mother, Continue reading

Turkish delight …

I saw a wonderful documentary last week, about street cats in Istanbul, where hundreds of catsthousands of them roam freely, and have for thousands of years. In the film, Kedi, we meet seven of them.

To be perfectly honest, much as I love cats, part of me wanted to see the film and part of me didn’t. I hate to see animals (or people) suffer and I was afraid these pussycats would look Continue reading

The days of eloquence, elegance and civility are now officially over …

A friend sent me a very interesting New York times article (How to Listen to Donald Trump passengers Every Day for Years) on the weekend. It was written by John McWhorter, who is an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia.

He talked about Trump’s “choppy, rambling, self-expression” and went on to explain that it’s Continue reading

Feeling blessed …

Listening to all the speeches at both the Republican and Democratic conventions and then watching asfreedom Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, it suddenly hit me: How, when it comes to family, I won the lottery.

My maternal grandmother was one of nine children, four boys and five girls. They were all open-minded, tolerant accepting and opinionated at a time when that was not so common. They came by it honestly enough, my great Continue reading

Pick your battles

As you know if you read my blog I’m writing a book. It’s about my motherbattle and, to a lesser degree, me. I loved her and we were always close. But what’s fascinating is, in dredging up these old memories, I’m noticing aspects of her personality, her character, her being I wasn’t really aware of before.

Maybe I’d seen it, known it all along, but it never registered with me, most likely because I Continue reading

Day 101. Late? Never!

My father was the kindest, nicest, most understanding, most forgiving, most even-keeled man you’d ever want to meet.  But he did have one obsession.  Being on-time.

He was actually incapable of being late.  And if you were late, it drove him nuts.  And, made him hot under the collar.  His idea of being on-time was, in fact, to be fifteen minutes early.

So when you showed up on-time, at the exact time you should have, in his mind you were already late.  It was his one peculiarity.

As a result we all danced to his tune (or at least his watch), in our house.  Or at least my mother did.  When my parents were going out, my mother would start getting ready hours early.  It drove me insane.  When we were all going, she used to want me to start getting ready when she did.

On principle I’d refuse.  Plus I also knew that my ‘preparations’ never took me very long.  I knew exactly how much time I needed.  And so, we’d play this little game.  Parry and thrust.  At Continue reading