This is a first …

In the 5 years I’ve been writing this particular blog I’ve never missed a day (in year one) or a week (since then) — until right now. Between having a lot going on and being sick all last week (and still coughing) something had to give and it turned out to be my blog.

See you next week!

Take plenty of Vitamin C, by the way, and try to avoid crowds. You do not want this miserable cold/flu.



Day 283. Atchoo! Atchoo!!

I can’t remember the last time I had a cold.  I’m almost afraid of saying it out loud, for fear of jinxing myself.  Sadly, though, I think it’s already too late.  Monday coldafternoon, when I got home from a meeting, my throat suddenly felt a bit scratchy and sore.  Then I sneezed a few times.

Uh oh!!

Wouldn’t have been surprised if I was catching a cold.  The weather has been positively bizarre here.  Suddenly we went from winter to summer.  And I do mean suddenly.  One day I was wearing a down-filled coat.  The next I was out with sandals and a T-shirt.

That lasted exactly five days.  And then it was back to the winter coat.  We even had snow flurries.  And in Continue reading