Everything seems more lush this year …

Until this spring we haven’t had much precipitation in Toronto. In fact, it’s been several years with hardly any snow or rain. But although we had another mild winter this year, we have had more than our fair share of rain — too much, in fact; and it’s caused havoc. Not good.

Just the other day, though, I looked around and realized how gorgeous and healthy the trees, flowers and grass are looking. So clearly Mother Nature has enjoyed the dousing, even if the rest of us have not.

All our luxuriant foliage made me think back to my trip to India — and Kerala, in particular. Kerala is in the South, on Continue reading

Day 57. Tea Time

As a youngster I hated tea.  I associated it with being sick.  Because any time I had a cold, or an upset stomach, my mother would make me drink tea.  Even having ‘high tea’ in London didn’t turn me into a fan.  Loved the scones, the clotted cream, the jam, the cucumber sandwiches, the ‘ceremony’, the pomp, the circumstance, the pretty china, the silver, the Dorchester Hotel.  But the tea, itself … not so much.

And then, suddenly, about six or so years ago, I developed a fondness for it.  Totally out of the blue.  Earl Grey, with a squeeze of lemon and a bit of honey.  Ginger honey, preferably.  So good.  It’s gentle.  Calming.  It feels like a treat.  It has the same effect on me as a lovely, warm bath.  It leaves me satisfied, glowing, mellow, slightly drowsy, and feeling cosseted.

There’s a genuine sense of well-being in every cup.

In India I became positively addicted to ginger tea.  Also masala tea; and even chai.  Once you’ve had tea there, you’re never the same.  Aside from the taste, which is exquisite, they Continue reading