%#@& !!!!!

Well, now I’ve got an even bigger bee in my bonnet than my frustration with people who don’t vote: People who don’t use their heads when they vote, who knowingly and obstinately choose bad candidates — willfully ignoring the consequences of such actions. They drive me crazy and piss me off royally.

You know who I mean. All those in the US who defiantly, sanctimoniously and emphatically stated, “I’ll never vote for Hillary Clinton;” and then spitefully voted for Donald Trump. I’m not talking about his avid and rabid supporters. I honestly don’t think there’s anything that would make them turn against him.

No, I’m talking about all those who knew better. They knew he had a lousy reputation as a businessman. They knew he lied, insulted, bullied, bragged, swore, threatened and incited violence as he blustered his Continue reading

Day 76. Unseasonably Mild

Here it is, almost November, and it’s warm enough to go out with a light sweater or jacket. Earlier this week, people were walking around in shirtsleeves. There are still some days I can get away with not wearing socks. And then there’s that summer we had.

Tropical is the best way to describe it, I think. With the humidity it felt like the mid forties (over 100 degrees fahrenheit) most days. Even when it wasn’t terribly humid, temperatures hit the mid-to-high thirties here. With virtually no rain. Which was very bad for the farmers. Much of Ontario’s fruit was ruined this year as a result. What we did get wasn’t all that good, obviously, and it was more expensive than usual.

Last winter was also exceptionally mild, with hardly any snow. Again not good for farmers. And as much as those of us who are not winter enthusiasts may have enjoyed the

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