The perfect spot …

The other day Michelle (The Green Study), a blogger I follow, wrote about her quest to find the perfect place to write; and then park benchasked us, her fellow bloggers, to share how we “create space and time to work.”

When I reviewed my rather long-winded (sorry, Michelle) comment I thought, to myself, “This isn’t a comment, it’s a blog post.” So I decided to keep Michelle’s idea going by sharing what works best for me; and hopefully you’ll be inspired to do the same.  Here goes:

I am one of the lucky ones. A career as an ad agency writer/creative director has

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Day 320. Wise Words

There’s been a fair bit of talk about feminism on WordPress blogs recently. The first one I read, “Is Quiet Feminism an Oxymoron”, can be found at The Green Study. It beesis an interesting essay. One in which Michelle, who authors the blog, examines her own ‘relationship’ with feminism; and whether or not she’s doing enough for the cause.

The problem I sometimes have with ’causes’ in general is, they seem to go hand in hand with anger. It’s not necessarily true, but it is how it often ‘feels’. The perception. The image I have in my mind, and often see on television, is of people screaming and shouting. Waving fists. Pointing fingers. Being aggressive. Argumentative. Red-faced. Hot under the collar. Throwing placards. Fighting. Scuffling with police.

This is not a criticism. It’s not that I’ve never reacted, or over-reacted. I most certainly have. It’s not that I’m

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Day 166. What’s Bedazzled??!!!

The Green Study had an absolutely hilarious post yesterday.  It was about her hellish trip to the mall.  In passing she talked about a cashier’s bedazzled fingernails.  bedazzledAnd that sent me to a whole other place.

Further south.

You have no idea just what’s being bedazzled these days.  Or maybe you do?  You want me to spell it out for you, don’t cha?  You’re waiting to see if you can make me blush.  Or stammer.  Or splutter.

Nope.  You won’t.  Here it is:

Females are bedazzling their bits.  You know.  Their privates.  There.  Handled it well, wouldn’t you agree?  No blushing.  Anyway, it’s called ‘vajazzling‘.  Need I say more?  I hope not.

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