The cab ride that restored my faith in humanity …

A photographer I know invited me to the opening reception of his exhibit last Saturday. greedBecause it was a rainy day the friend I was going with and I decided to take a taxi.

As luck would have it, part way there we drove right into a protest. There’s no way the driver could have known — there were no signs, no indication of a march and we didn’t see them approaching until we were more than half Continue reading

Day 182. You Drive

I got rid of my car a few years back. Didn’t need it. I live in the city, with busses and subways right at my doorstep. I am a short walk away from everything I could trafficpossibly need or want. So one day, I just packed it in. My lease was up and that was that. No more car.

And if I wasn’t sure what a great decision it was, until now, let me tell you, there’s certainly no doubt in my mind after today.

Driving is a pain in the ass. And very stressful. At least in this city. End of story.

On the odd occasion when I do need a car, I rent a Zipcar. Wondering what the hell a Zipcar is? Well, they’re cars you can rent by the hour. You pay a nominal annual fee, to become a member. There are Zipcars available in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of locations, all around the city.

Hourly rates vary, depending on the make of car. Insurance is included and there’s even a credit card to cover the cost of gas, should you need a fill-up.

Just go to the Zipcar website and indicate when, and for how long, you want a set of wheels. Based on your location,

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