Sorry, but I’ve got to blow off a little steam …

Yeah, I’m crabby. I probably would have suffered in silence, but yesterday a blogging buddy wrote about being crabby and, at the end of her post, asked what made us (her readers) crabby.

Well, she poked the tiger, opened the door. Of course I have to share.

About 10 consecutive days of rain hasn’t helped. I know it’s sunny now, but I’m still not over it,  Continue reading

Day 195. Performance Anxiety

So.  Now you know my secret.  Yeah.  The proverbial cat’s out of the bag.  Even the mere thought of having to stand up in front of a crowd, or a group, and speak used presentingto be enough to send me into a tizzy.  To freak me right out.  To give me a huge case of the jitters.  To ruin my day.

You know, because yesterday I wrote about the first time I gave a speech.  What a nightmare it was.

Well, it didn’t get better, I’m sorry to say.  Not for a while.

Let’s fast forward to when I moved to Toronto, in 1985.  To work for Ogilvy (ad agency).  And the first MAJOR client presentation I was in, after getting there.  I was working on American Express.  Major, in itself.  Cardmember benefits are a vitally important part of their business, or at least it was back then.  Don’t know about now.

It was important because their exclusive selection of benefits was a huge competitive advantage for them.  It was one of the reasons consumers wanted to carry the card.  The project I was working on, was the launch of four new benefits.

Very important.

Which, in itself, was enough to give me a heart burn.

We worked on it for several weeks.  It was tough to crack.  Tons of extremely late nights and weekends at the office.  Finally, we Continue reading