How’s this for positive thinking?

Considering this has been one of the coldest winters (and snowiest in some parts of the world) in history I can hardly believe tulipsI’m saying this:  I was shocked the other day to read we have to change the clocks again next week, March 8 to be precise.  So soon?

Where’s the winter gone?  Oh, I know there are a lot of you reading this who think I’ve lost my mind.  Especially those who live in Boston and may not see pavement again until June or July.  If you’re lucky.

Let me clarify.  It seems to me it was always later in the season when we did this.  You know, move the clocks ahead.  Spring forward.  Fall back, spring forward?   Continue reading

Day 205. Spring Fever

I woke up yesterday morning with a terrible case of Spring fever.  Hit me suddenly, too.  Could be because it was so bright and sunny, so early in the morning (must have been my mother’s doing.  She passed February 26, 2007, but she was clearly being her usual, cheerful self, sending me a message and saying “Hi”).

Not a cloudspring in the almost over-saturated, beautiful, blue sky.

Could also have been the influence of my two cats, who were far more ‘lively’ than they’ve been in a while.  Full, and I mean full, of piss and vinegar.  As if they’d just woken up after a long, deep sleep.  Chirping at me, jumping on and off the bed.  On.  Off.  On.  Off.  Dancing on my head.  Butting noses with me.  Purring madly.

As if to say, “Come on, mommy.  Get up.  Get up.  Get up.  Time to drag your sorry ass out of  bed!  Look outside.  It’s Spring!!!”

Whoa!!!  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

But I have to admit, I felt it too.  I had more energy, myself.  And it was a ‘different’ kind of energy.  It wasn’t the Continue reading

Day 10. Making Change(s)

Big changes a comin’ in Canada:  Pennies.  Going, going, soon to be gone.  We’ll be penniless.  According to Jim Flaherty, our (Canada’s) Finance Minister, they’re too expensive to produce; and they are not needed for business.  Apparently the savings to the annual budget will be $11 million.  And making change will never be the same.

Neither will loafers.  Have you ever worn penny loafers?  I remember my first pair.  It was a long time ago.  I was 17 and my parents had sent me on a tour of Canada and the U.S.  Most of the kids on the trip were American — I think there were 3 of us from Montreal.  The first thing we noticed were the loafers on everyone’s feet.  We hadn’t seen them in Canada.  We couldn’t wait for our first stop in the U.S.

Can’t remember for sure where that was — for some reason I’m thinking either Seattle or Portland but, really, in this case geography is of little importance.  What I do remember is arriving at the hotel at about 5 pm, dumping our bags in our rooms and heading for the first shoe store we could find.  Thirty-three of us!  Imagine being a salesman, in a smallish store, close to closing time as 33 hysterical teenage girls come tearing in.  If we’d had iPhones back then we could have taken pictures of the poor guys’ faces.  Bet they would have been priceless!

Bass Weejuns were what we were after; and not having them in our sizes was not an option.  The Canadians all bought 2 pair because we couldn’t get them Continue reading