Day 166. What’s Bedazzled??!!!

The Green Study had an absolutely hilarious post yesterday.  It was about her hellish trip to the mall.  In passing she talked about a cashier’s bedazzled fingernails.  bedazzledAnd that sent me to a whole other place.

Further south.

You have no idea just what’s being bedazzled these days.  Or maybe you do?  You want me to spell it out for you, don’t cha?  You’re waiting to see if you can make me blush.  Or stammer.  Or splutter.

Nope.  You won’t.  Here it is:

Females are bedazzling their bits.  You know.  Their privates.  There.  Handled it well, wouldn’t you agree?  No blushing.  Anyway, it’s called ‘vajazzling‘.  Need I say more?  I hope not.

The irony is,  Thursday night on Grey’s Anatomy, the subject came up.  Before I go into detail, let me confirm.  Yes, I am probably the only human being with a TV who did NOT watch Oprah interviewing (grilling) Lance Continue reading