Day 62. The Lockout

I know less than nothing about hockey.  The only time I’ve ever watched a game, is during the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  And believe it or not, I watched all of them.  Willingly.  I cheered, and everything.

Back in the day, I did date a guy a few times who was a huge hockey fan.  On our first date he took me to a game.  The fact that I was wearing a dress and stilettos probably contributed to the fact that our relationship was very short-lived.

My inability to even boil water in those days, couldn’t have helped my cause either.  He invited me to his apartment one night, for dinner, and when I didn’t know how long to bake the potatoes, or at what temperature, I could tell, by the look on his face, that I was in trouble.  I also dated a professional hockey player once or twice.  Nice guy.  But we had absolutely nothing in common.  Hockey was his life.  And it was my nightmare.

“So why”, I’m sure you’re asking, “are you writing a story about hockey?”  Well, it’s not really about hockey.

At one minute to midnight (EDT) on September 15, 2012, a mere month before the start of the 2012 – 2013 season, a labour dispute between the National Hockey League (NHL) and Continue reading

Day 9. The Games

Well …  the flame’s extinguished, the flags have been lowered, the athletes are back home, the Brits are back at work and for all we know, at this very moment HRH Queen Elizabeth is rehearsing for her next cameo appearance.  While London 2012, and the Olympics in general, are still fresh in our minds, it feels like a good time for some reflection.  I’m sure a lot of what I’m about to say will be unpopular but, c’est la vie.  It’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it, and anyone who wants to disagree is more than welcome to do so.

Yes, there were a great many wonderful, breathtaking, inspiring, touching and, even, heartbreaking moments:

Oscar Pistorius, making history, as he ran the men’s 400-metre heat — and then, in a spontaneous and respectful gesture, being embraced by Kirani James, the Grenadian teenager who won the Gold.  Sarah Attar, also making history, as she ran, covered from head to toe, in the women’s 800-metre heat — and the standing ovation she received, despite finishing last.  The determination, commitment, spirit, grit and teamwork that went into Team USA’s Gold in the 4x100m medley relay Continue reading