Day 27. New Again

I went and had the strap on my watch changed yesterday.  It was like magic.  In less than a minute I had a brand new watch.  Presto!  For a fraction of the cost.  Just a simple, little refresh was all it took, to make me love it all over again.  So much so, all afternoon I kept glancing over, admiring it, as it lay wrapped around my left wrist.

But the real significance of yesterday’s experience was, it’s taught me that the change doesn’t always have to be as radical, or costly, as we may have originally thought.  I love this watch.  It works perfectly.  I didn’t need a new one.  That would have been a totally unnecessary and extravagant purchase.  And in a few years’ time, I’ll wager I’d be just as bored with the new watch, as this old one.  The new band did the trick!

And this, of course, has made me think of all the changes we can, sometimes should and, often do, make in our lives; in an effort to breath new life into our wardrobes, our homes, our careers, our relationships, our lives, and even ourselves.  Both the changes, themselves, and how dramatic (or not) they need to be.

Ask any fashion editor or stylist and I’m sure they’ll agree.  Most women who are considered to be well-dressed, don’t necessarily have tons of clothes.  They have equal amounts of fabulous accessories, imagination, style and daring.   Make an old skirt new again, by adding a spectacular belt.  Last year’s dress is unrecognizable when you make an interesting pin the new focal point; or toss a new jacket, cardigan or shawl on top of it.  Shorten an old mid-calf length coat to mid way between your hips and knees, and everyone will think you’ve  just bought it.

Instead of buying a new wide-brimmed hat, that’s sure to be ‘in’ fashion one year and ‘out’ the next, borrow one of your husband’s fedoras.  The same outfit, worn Continue reading