Day 301. Another World

Yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt, about getting lost in simple activities and what’s it’s like to be in “the zone“,  took me back a lot of years.  As soon as I read it, I was instantly transported back to Montreal, to the days I worked with waterthe Canadian fashion designer, Leo Chevalier.

He and his wife had a country house; and, not long after they bought it, they invited me to go for a weekend.  We had known each other for many years.  Long before I handled his advertising and P.R., and we’d become good friends.

It was a lovely house, in a valley, about an hour and a half from the city.  It wasn’t big, but it was extremely well designed.  While it was very cozy and well-appointed, it was not a luxurious country manor.  It was simple and comfortable.

The main floor was all open concept, with huge windows and an enormous fireplace in the centre of the room.  Upstairs there were three bedrooms and an absolutely fabulous bathroom with a huge soaking tub.  I’ve never seen a tub quite that deep before.  It literally took twenty minutes to fill.  There was a very large skylight right over it, and I loved to bathe in the tub at night and look at the moon and the stars.

If it hadn’t been the only bathroom in the place, I would have stayed in there for hours.

On this particular weekend, it was just the three of us who were there.  We arrived at around 5:00; and while Leo was Continue reading

Day 13. Taste Matters

You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.  I’m going to say it anyway:  All water does not taste the same.  So there.

When I was a kid I hated the water at our house.  It never came out of the tap cold and no matter how long you let it run it stayed lukewarm.  Yuk.  It also tasted ‘earthy’.  It looked clear and, most likely, it was.  But it tasted like earth smells.  Sorry, that’s the best description I can come up with at the moment.  At my grandmother’s (paternal), the water was delicious.  Even the first drop out of the tap was icy cold.  It was so clear it was blue.  And it tasted ‘clean’.  Pure.  Refreshing. Like you’d gone way up in the mountains and found it, gurgling away, in a spring.  Amazing.  I’d drink glass after glass, and so did everyone else who ever went there for a visit.

My mother, who never could duplicate any of my grandmother’s recipes, was convinced that her water made a difference.  Not sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

The water where I live now is definitely not tasty.  It usually comes out of the tap warm although, on occasion, it’s cool.  But most of the time it has a metallic taste.  Most unpleasant.  And there’s often a slight chemical odour that accompanies it.  I stick to bottled water — but not all kinds.

To begin with, I prefer ‘still’.  From time to time I want some fizz, and my favourite is Apollinaris.  A naturally sparkling mineral water from Germany, it’s considered “The Queen of Table Waters” — something I did not know until right this minute, when I Continue reading