Look for me under the bed

No, I’m not looking for one of my cats.  Not looking for a pair of missing shoes.  Not hiding from my cleaning lady, or anyone else.  And I’m definitely not fullmoondusting thoroughly, either.

I’m just responding to a recent WordPress Daily Prompt:  “When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are.  Describe this new you.”

It’s not that I’m so different.  It’s not like I turn into a werewolf or anything.  It’s not like I get drunk after only one glass of wine, when the moon’s full.  Or start behaving like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

No, it’s nothing like that.  I am just aware of its presence.  Even if I don’t look up and see it.  I just know it’s there.  Hanging over me like a curtain.  A weight.  A pressure.  A weirdness.  A nuisance.  A trouble-maker.  A mischief-maker.  A pain in the ass.

My senses are heightened.  The hairs on the back of my neck are prickly.  I wish I had eyes in the back of my head.  If I had an antenna in my skull it would be vibrating.  And twirling.  I’m on guard.  At the ready.  Prepared. Waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

Because full moons are rarely good days for me.  It’s been that way my whole life.

If I’m going to forget my wallet at home, that’s when it will happen.  If I’m going to trip on a crack in the sidewalk, that’ll be the day.  If I get a speeding ticket, you can be sure there’s a full moon.  That’s when my toilets overflow.  When my printer won’t print.  When everyone I meet is either cranky or rude; or both.  When clients are anal.  And beyond picky.  And testy.  And a royal pain.  When promised projects get cancelled.  When long-arranged plans fall through.  When expected deliveries are late.  When the elevator gets stuck, with me in it.  When mistakes abound.

When the subway’s shut down.  When the cab driver has such bad B.O. I want to barf; and it’s too cold to open the windows.  And it’s a looooong trip.  So long, I can’t hold my breath.  When flights are delayed.  Or cancelled.  When luggage is lost.  Or damaged.  When customs officials make me take everything out of my bags.  When the waiter gets my order wrong.  Three times.  When I’m late for an important meeting.  When the freezing wears off before the dentist is through with my root canal.  When I slam the door on my finger.

You get the picture.  It’s not pretty.

Full moons are not my friend.

There was a full moon this past Tuesday.  It was my volunteer day at the hospital.  Thank God no one died on my watch.  I didn’t have to deliver any babies.  But it was a VERY strange day.  VERY.  Strange enough there were several times I wished I’d stayed in bed.

Or crawled under it.

Next time I’ll know better.

What about you?  Are you affected by full moons?

21 thoughts on “Look for me under the bed

  1. I guess you dont look forward to months with blue moons, hmmm? Full moons don’t seem to affect me personally but usually if I sense a day of heightened ‘weirdness’ around me, I am never surprised to find they usually happen on a full moon….

  2. It hasn’t exactly been the greatest week for me, so now I know what to blame it on! Funny thing, I only noticed the full moon Tuesday night because (1) I work nights, and take breaks outside, and (2) it was the birthday of one of my co-workers whose last name is Wolf, which I thought was fitting….

  3. I’ve heard many say the same thing about how a full moon has a negative impact on their emotions or that they are more prone to accidents, etc. Can’t say personally that I have ever noticed that a full moon caused any more harm than I can do all by myself 🙂 I actually love looking up at the moon, full or any phase in between. Someone once told me that when there is a full moon that is a good time to release negative emotions we may be holding onto. I was born during a full moon phase, so maybe that has something to do with my more positive connection to it. Now as for “Mercury Retrograde”phases, that is another matter entirely!

    • I like looking at the moon. I just don’t love being under its spell. Agree about mercury retrogade. That is truly awful!!

  4. To my knowledge, I’m not affected by full moons, however, I do notice behavior changes in the student body at the school where I work. There are days my colleagues and I throw our hands up with an exasperated “What’s got into these kids today?” We check the calendar, and almost every occurrence falls on a full moon day. It’s a strange phenomenon.

  5. The full moon used to be the first sign that it was going to be a really bad day. I would leave early in the morning for work (at the hospital) and at that hour the moon was still up. If it was full, I’d want to turn around and go back inside the house. In the south, if there’s a ring around the full moon, it’s worse than bad. The moon definitely brings out the crazy in everyone and they all seem to show up at the hospital. I don’t work in patient care anymore but I still respect the moon.

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